10 Ways Moon Knight Could Affect The MCU In The Future


Spoiler alert: this article contains spoilers for Moon Knight on Disney+.

The MCUs Moon Knight has been one of the most interesting and unique projects that Marvel has launched recently, with the show exploring many new ideas and concepts that were previously a mystery in this cinematic universe. Naturally, these new revelations are bound to have a lasting impact on the future of the MCU.

Although Moon Knight was a fairly standalone show with almost no references to other Marvel properties, the story still takes place within the MCU, and the events of the show are sure to carry over to other shows and movies in the future.


The Emergence of Jake

Moon Knight Ending Explained Jake Lockley Post Credits

The post-credits scene of Moon KnightThe finale of featured the long-awaited appearance of Jake, Marc Spector’s third Quirk. The scene informed the audience that Jake was Khonshu’s new avatar, so it’s clear fans are going to see a lot more of him in the future.

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Despite sharing a body, it’s certainly likely that Marc and Jake will come into conflict with each other at some point. The two have strongly opposing personalities, and Jake’s murder of Harrow at the end of the series definitely sets the stage for a new antagonist in a potential second season or movie.

The introduction of the Egyptian gods

Moon Knight Taweret Reed Field

Gods and deities have always played a big role in Marvel comics, but so far they’ve been pretty absent from the MCU. While there are plenty of comic book characters drawn from Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology, Thor and the other Norse gods are the only ones we’ve seen before in cinematic form.

While it’s unlikely other Marvel characters will have to contend with Khonshu’s unique and dangerous powers, knowing that other gods exist is enough to impact the overall universe. It also opens the door for many more mythological stories in the future.

The Murder of Arthur Harrow by Jake Lockley

Although it was Jake who shot Arthur Harrow (presumably fatally) at the end of Moon Knight, the fact that Marc Spector shares a body with him means that he could certainly be incriminated for it. Perhaps a second season of the show could explore its issues with this even further.

Arthur certainly isn’t the first person to die at the hands of Marc/Steven/Jake, but he’s certainly one of the most high-profile, so it would only make sense if his absence was noted by someone. Harrow’s death could be far more convoluted and threatening for Marc than this scene alone would lead audiences to believe.

Other Egyptian gods and their avatars

Marvel Moon Knight Episode 3 Hathor Avatar

Moon Knight could have focused primarily on the conflict between Khonshu and Ammit, but there are many more Egyptian gods with human avatars that could play a big role in the character’s future. It seems very likely that this would happen in a second season of the show, but it’s also possible that Marc’s story could spill over into the larger MCU in exciting ways.

There are plenty of existing MCU characters who could act as perfect avatars for the gods, so it’s entirely possible that Marc could come into contact with other fan-favorite characters in the near future. Whether as an ally or an enemy, there’s no doubt it would be fun to watch.

Evidence of an afterlife

Marc in the Fire of Reeds in Moon Knight episode 5

The afterlife is a complicated concept in Marvel, but Moon Knight seemed to shed some light on the details and intricacies of the whole system. Tawaret explains that there are many types of afterlife, with each religion and mythology occupying a separate space.

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Not only does this prove that different types of gods and mythological figures are real within the MCU, but it also means that it’s possible that long-lost characters will reappear in one form or another in the future. The reveal means death is no longer a permanent goodbye for the Marvel characters fans adore.

Future Presentation of Midnight Sons

Moon Knight joins the Midnight Sons.

The Midnight Sons are one of the most interesting groups in Marvel Comics – led by Doctor Strange and with an ever-rotating roster of heroes, the team is dedicated to fighting the deadliest supernatural threats in the universe. universe. Mr. Knight has been a prominent member of the group in the past, so it would make sense to see this story unfold in the future.

There are already a few connections that could help ease the introduction of this group into the MCU, namely the characters of Blade and Dane Whitman. Dane was first introduced in Eternals, and the film’s post-credits scene appeared to show him interacting with an unseen figure who has since been revealed to be Blade.

Potential for more modifications

Moon Knight Mr. Knight Steven Oscar Isaac

For the entirety of Moon Knight, the show seemed to suggest that there were two personalities within Marc Spector: himself and Steven Grant. But the emergence of Jake Lockley in the finale proves that Marc may not be as in tune with his Quirks as we’ve been led to believe.

To that end, it’s certainly possible that more Quirks will emerge within Marc Spector in the future. The MCU’s version of the character has already moved away from the one we’ve seen in the comics, so it doesn’t seem too unlikely that there will be more surprises in store for Moon Knight’s future appearances in the MCU.

Layla as Tawaret’s Avatar

May Calamway as Layla in Moon Knight

Moon Knight is obviously going to reappear in the MCU, most likely in a second season of the show or partnered with some of the other existing characters. But what fans didn’t expect was Layla’s transition into the avatar of Tawaret, which now means she could also play a big part in Spector’s story in the future.

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She clearly has some impressive powers and skills (and not to mention an already iconic costume), so it’s not hard to imagine the character playing a big part in the future. Her newfound abilities and knowledge mean she would be an extremely important asset in any future conflicts Earth faces.

Potential for darker scenarios

Moon Knight Steven Blood Alps

Moon Knight promised to be one of the darkest, grittiest stories told in the MCU so far, and in many ways, it delivered. Marc Spector’s story is extremely violent and traumatic, so it makes sense that she takes an equally dark tone in telling it.

Since Moon Knight was a pretty big hit with audiences, it’s logical to assume that Marvel will continue down this path and include even darker and more mature stories from the comics in the future. They’re already continuing to do so with Sam Raimi’s horror-inspired film Multiverse of Madness.

The start of street-level superheroes

While the cosmic and mystical aspects of Marvel are some of the most interesting, much of the comics also focus on normal, everyday superheroes facing more human, grounded threats. Several street-level villains have already been introduced to the MCU, but the establishment of their opposing superhero team has yet to happen.

In the comics, Moon Knight often appears alongside several of these street heroes, such as Punisher, Ghost Rider, and Daredevil. With the creation of Moon Knight and the introduction of Matt Murdock in No coming home, this aspect of comics is becoming more and more possible in the MCU.

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