5 Mythological Settings That Would Be Perfect For Immortals Fenyx Rising Sequel


Over the years, Ubisoft has established itself as a developer capable of producing quality games. Its titles span multiple genres, from open-world action stealth series like Assassin’s Creedto caricature board games like Rayman Rabbids. Ubisoft’s 2020 game, Immortals Fenyx Risingrepresented a slightly new direction for the studio, using Ubisoft’s classic third-person, single-player narrative structure, but with a similar look and feel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Although the game was well received, Immortals Fenyx Rising didn’t quite reach the high commercial heights of some of Ubisoft’s other titles.


Nevertheless, rumors began to circulate around a possible sequel. Well-known leaker Tom Henderson claimed that a Immortals Fenyx Rising The sequel is currently in pre-production, which is good news for fans of the first game. Immortals Fenyx Rising was an indication that Ubisoft wasn’t afraid to step away from the shadow of its long-running series like Assassin’s Creed and Far cry and try something a little different. A sequel could push the boundaries even further and explore new mythological territory.

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Greek mythology in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Greek mythology has proven to be a fertile source of inspiration for video games over the years. From Ubisoft’s own Assassin’s Creed Odysseyto Supergiant Games’ roguelike underworldthere is no shortage of titles that focus on or draw inspiration from Greek gods and monsters. Immortals Fenyx Rising features figures from Greek mythology, such as Prometheus and Zeus, as well as many mythological monsters. The DLC of the game, Eastern Kingdom Mythsshifted the focus to Chinese mythology and helped lay the groundwork for how different inspirations could form the basis of the next game while still retaining Immortals Fenyx Risingthe formula.

Alternate mythological settings

Although one of Immortals Fenyx RisingThe DLC’s were already based on Chinese mythology, this could be explored further in a sequel. It is full of fantastic beings and creatures that would not only provide a rich source of storytelling but also a visually diverse experience from the first game. There are many mythological locations in Chinese mythology that would be fascinating to explore, with locations under the sea, among the mountains and underground realms like Diyu – the realm of the dead.

Norse mythology is a particularly overused source of inspiration in games, especially in recent years with titles like 2018’s God of the war and its sequel. While definitely evocative and well known, there are many similar but lesser known mythologies that might be a good choice for a Immortals Fenyx Rising after. Baltic mythology has similar European and pagan roots and encompasses Latvian and Lithuanian mythology, as well as a few others. It contains a pantheon of gods like Greek mythology, so it might fit well into the game’s established format.

Another choice could be Sumerian mythology, which would offer visually distinct and interesting locations, as well as a number of powerful deities representing various cosmic and earthly forces. The Sumerian pantheon was also full of gods who had compelling (and sometimes mischievous) relationships with each other, and could be a great one to explore in the next one. Immortals Fenyx Rising Title.

If the rumor Immortals Fenyx Rising game focused on Polynesian mythology, it could include island settings of the central and southern Pacific Ocean and their lush landscapes. With a greater emphasis on nautical locales, as well as a host of colorful demigods and cultural heroes to showcase, Polynesian culture offers another almost bottomless source of inspiration. Their belief in mana – a sacred, supernatural power contained within all things – could also lead to some intriguing gameplay opportunities.

Celtic mythology is not something that has featured prominently in many video games. Some have already explored it, like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice which is partly inspired by Celtic culture, but Immortals Fenyx Rising the follow-up could certainly go deeper. The Celtic religion was also polytheistic, offering many divine characters to feature in the game such as the warrior king and the sea god Manann, or Aine, the goddess of summer. Celtic mythology is generally about war and battle, which already presents plenty of opportunities for action-oriented quests in line with the folk elements.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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