6 in 10 Singaporeans believe Lawrence Wong is the best 4G leader to lead the country in the post-pandemic era: IPS study


SINGAPORE: According to a study by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), around six in 10 Singaporeans think Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong is the “best possible 4G leader” to navigate Singapore in the post-pandemic era .

This includes confidence in the management of divisions within the company, relations with other countries and helping Singapore during economic recovery.

It was one of several findings released Thursday (July 14) by IPS’s study on the well-being of Singaporeans over the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was based on responses from more than 2,000 people in an online survey.

Since the coronavirus outbreak was a test of governance, coming at a time of leadership transition, the researchers said they assessed whether respondents trusted government leadership to move Singapore through the pandemic.

Mr. Wong, who is also finance minister, was appointed leader of the fourth generation (4G) team of the People’s Action Party on April 14. About two months later, he was promoted to deputy prime minister.

According to the IPS research paper, more educated respondents, “who have traditionally been more skeptical of government policies,” were more likely to believe the government has the best possible 4G leader.

Around 59% of those with at least a college degree were more confident that the Singapore government has the best possible 4G leader, compared to 44% to 49% of those without a degree.


At a press conference, IPS Social Lab Associate Director Mike Hou, one of the authors of the article, suggested that Mr. Wong may have been in touch with this particular demographic group in his role as co-president. of the COVID-19 multi-departmental task force. .

“We think it’s particularly because DPM Wong has been quite effective in addressing some of the considerations and concerns of this demographic,” he said.

This included social cohesion issues such as race and religion, which Dr Hou described as “sleeping challenges” that have emerged more during the pandemic.

“This demographic may be more aligned with our government’s science-based approach to trying to deal with the pandemic,” Dr. Hou added.

Those who were more satisfied with the government’s handling of the pandemic, those who were less worried about the rising cost of living, as well as those who were more receptive to endemic life were more likely to believe that the government has the best 4G Leader, according to the study.


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