9 Essentials for Journaling Your Way to Success


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Richard Branson does. Oprah swears by it. Julia Cameron has sold four million copies of The artist’s pathwho guides people through it.

It’s a fact: keeping a journal can help you be more successful. As Stephen Covey wrote in Primary Greatness: The 12 Levers of Success“Keeping a personal journal – a daily in-depth analysis and evaluation of your experiences – is a high-leverage activity that increases self-awareness and enhances all endowments and the synergy between them.”

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What do you keep a diary of?

The content of the log depends entirely on what you want to get out of the process. Some entrepreneurs want to find more balance because they have sunk into the ground; others want to get their health back on track; while others want to set and achieve professional goals.

Although I have been keeping a journal since I was 6 years old, last year I made a commitment to do it daily. But without direction, my thoughts would meander, and I would veer off in directions that didn’t matter to me – so I started wondering which areas of my life were most important to me. Over time, I realized that the questions I was asking myself were all based on nine essential elements. By focusing on them over the past year, I have not only accomplished more, but also found a great deal of peace.

The elements are:

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Why is self-care top of the list?

While most entrepreneurs are extremely goal-oriented, sometimes we can become so focused on my goals that we forget to take care of the most essential element: us.

That’s why the first question I answer every night is what self-care I did that day. I realized very early in practice that I had to be very clear about what self-care meant to me. For entrepreneurs who are always on the go, taking a nap can be the ultimate form of self-care. For others, taking a nap would feel like an escape (spoiler alert: I’m in that latter group).

The importance of setting goals, recognizing progress and helping others

Since accountability is essential to achieving your goals, I realized that there was no better way to stay accountable than to log every night the steps I took that day to achieve my goals. .

Sometimes your progress may be minor. But if you have a goal that’s important to you, I guess you take a small step towards it every day. If you don’t, knowing that you’re supposed to journal about it will probably motivate you to take one of these steps.

Many entrepreneurs find that once they reach a certain level of success, continuing to focus on climbing becomes increasingly unsatisfying. The best way to reignite the fire within can be as simple as helping another person – whether it’s mentoring someone new to your field, volunteering, or just doing your possible to help a friend or partner.

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Coping with fear and resentment

According to various studies, 80% of business partnerships dissolve. While these breakups are often the result of disagreements and power battles, the reason these struggles end the way they do is often because either partner doesn’t know when their fear or resentment will s ‘infiltrate. .

Perhaps one business partner fears the business will hemorrhage money while the other thinks they need to spend more to grow. Maybe one resents the other for getting more credit for their success, but doesn’t feel like they can say anything – until their frustration seeps in. in a relationship-ending argument.

If partners regularly wrote about their fears and resentments, I guarantee there wouldn’t be so many bad deal breakers.

faith and gratitude

Although it takes faith to start a business, it’s easy to lose sight of that faith when our businesses struggle. That’s why writing down how the universe is supporting you can keep your faith in order.

It’s also easy to get so used to success that you forget to be grateful for it. Evening gratitude lists keep me in check – helping me remember how lucky I am and how far I’ve come, which every entrepreneur needs.

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Find new ideas

Coming up with new ideas is the final element. That’s because not only does it make us feel good by triggering dopamine, but it’s also key to helping us keep growing in business.

All businesses, after all, are the result of someone’s idea. Although not all ideas are good, the more ideas you write down, the more good you will get. That’s why when I’m done writing what I’ve described above, I record all the ideas I had that day – often ideas that were so fleeting that they would have otherwise could have flown away into the ether.

In short, a nightly journal can transform you from someone with a lot of potential into your best self. All it takes is a pen and a few minutes.

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