A Kerala Bharatanatyam dancer has turned down a new performance on the same date


A Bharatanatyam dancer from Kerala who was refused permission to perform at a temple has scheduled a new performance for the same date.

Mansiya’s vice president said in a Facebook post that she was denied permission to perform at the Koodalmanikyam temple festival (Picture: File)

Bharatanatyam dancer from Kerala, Manisya VP, who was denied permission to perform at Koodalmanikyam temple at Irinjalakuda in Thrissur, will perform at Kozhikode on the same day she was supposed to perform at the temple.

The organizers, ‘Manjadikkuru’, said Mansiya accepted their invitation to dance at Kozhikode City Hall at 6pm on April 21. Her performance will be part of a seminar called ‘mathethara devaswom nishedhicha nritham’ (the dance refused by secular devaswom).

According to Baiju Merikunnu, head of Manjadikkuru, in such cases political parties usually rally behind the artist. This time, however, no such thing happened.

Manjadikkuru will also cover performance costs. If Mansiya had danced at the temple, she would have had to pay the drummers, he said.

Dancer Mansiya, who was scheduled to perform at the Koodalmanikyam temple festival to be held on April 24, has been removed from the list of performers after refusing to conform to a religion. Mansiya was raised a Muslim and currently identifies as a person with no religion.

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