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Martha Faith Wiggins


Martha Faith Wiggins

WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO I love working with young adults. I love their authentic critical thinking and the way they question everything. It forces me to examine all of my learned behaviors and practices to unpack the “why”. WHY NEW ORLEANS? New Orleans accepted me, held me close, and kept me safe throughout my 20s and 30s, both professionally and personally. This city has nurtured and celebrated my accomplishments and I am truly indebted to them. FAVORITE RESTAURANT Fritai FAVORITE WALK Barataria Reserve Trail FAVORITE SIMPLE PLEASURE Boiled turkey neck in a bag and some privacy FAVORITE THING TO DO HERE TO RELAX Sit on my porch and watch a thunderstorm FAVORITE ALBUM OF ALL TIME Smash Hits ’93 – Steel Pulse NECESSARY EXTRAVAGANCE DoorDash PREFERRED DESTINATION Pacific Northwest Coast CURRENTLY WATCHING Only season 8 FAVORITE COCKTAIL Kettle One Martini, a little dirty ADVICE TO YOUR TWENTY-YEAR-OLD You are currently in your prime, staying single and smoking is wrong!

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