Abortion is a “human rights issue” more than a religious issue, says Bishop Naumann


“Our neighbors have, unfortunately and tragically, declared a quiet and cold war against our religions, attempting to constrain the behavior of all other Kansans according to their personal religious faith, through a minority regime,” Levin explained. .

Naumann took issue with Levin’s characterization of opposition to abortion as solely a religious issue.

“From a Catholic perspective, abortion is not primarily a religious issue but a fundamental human rights issue,” he wrote. “Our faith helps us understand the dignity of every human life created in the divine image as taught in the Hebrew scriptures, but reason alone is enough to know that it is wrong to destroy an innocent human life.”

Moreover, “the mere fact that a law coincides with religious beliefs does not mean that it is an inadmissible imposition of religion,” Naumann pointed out.

“Valuing both is not a Catholic issue. Preserving current laws and reclaiming the authority of the people of Kansas to determine public policy on such an important societal issue is something every Kansan should be keen to support,” the Archbishop concluded.

Naumann also told the story of former abortion doctor Bernard Nathanson, a man of Jewish descent who identified as an atheist. Nathanson personally performed thousands of abortions and was politically active in lobbying for legal abortion protection. However, Nathanson’s respect for science ultimately helped change his heart, as he finally recognized the humanity of unborn children when he saw them using ultrasound technology. Nathanson became a pro-life advocate and later admitted that when he advocated for abortion he used a strategy of appealing to anti-Catholicism and promoting the views of pro-abortion Catholics.


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