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Connoisseurs and crackerjacks of the art and science of politics hold this to be the truth. A good and wise policy operates on the mechanisms of the pursuit of self-interest. Self-interest cannot necessarily be called selfishness, it is self first. It’s ‘what’s in it for me’ first. It’s ‘how can I win’ first. It’s ‘how to overwhelm every other rider’s dream and bring mine to life’, first. Then the interest of other players should come last. It may sound like Vito Don Corleone Mafioso machinations and machinations, but that’s the mindset of politicians. Even when they shout ‘the national interest’ or ‘it’s about the people’, don’t believe them. It is self-interest and it takes precedence over the interests of others. That’s what politics is all over the world. So if you hate politics and its inherent intrigue, you’re not crazy.

Former Borno State Governor Kashim Shettima will be Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s running mate in next year’s Nigerian presidential election. Shettima, like Tinubu, is an outspoken Muslim. The optics of this Muslim-Muslim post are nauseating to many, many people. In these times of metastatic volcanic eruption of religious strife and discord, in this season of total insurrection of Islamic fundamentalists terrorizing the nation; and on this shadowy watch where bandits freely enter any congregation of faithful Christians, slaughtering mothers and ridding the fragile bodies of infants with AK47 bullets, this arrangement is troubling to millions of Christians across the country . And their fears are real. After spending billions of dollars on security under the current president, no one has been able to put those terror attack dogs on a leash.

If the Tinubu-Shettima team continues to win elections, for the first time in Nigerian history, a democratically elected presidential team of like-minded men will spew orders from Aso-Rock. And for the first time in our history, the Bible will not appear on the swearing-in stand in Eagles Square. And for the first time, an Alhaji/Alhaji alliance is taking over the Nigerian presidency. For Christians, it is a frightening thought and a shadow of what they believe is about to happen to believers in Jesus Christ in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians believe that day by day and through the back door, their country is being transformed and molded into an Islamic state by depraved men who hold the hammer of power. They believe that a Muslim-Muslim ticket is an insult to a secular state like Nigeria, an affront to non-Muslims, an assertion that the Congress of All Progressives is synonymous with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Party and an assemblage of sympathizers and sponsors of Boko. Haram terrorist groups and Islamic State of West Africa Province. Non-Muslims are now more afraid than a week ago. Is Islam now the official religion of the APC? Is it now considered more supreme than the religion of other Nigerians? These are questions that arise now. An Alhaji/Alhaji alliance is now seen as an affirmation that the APC truly believes that Nigeria is an Islamic nation and that Christians are only tolerated when Muslims are celebrated.

Do not strike at those who effusively push back against what they see as a frightening political arrangement unfolding before their eyes. If you live anywhere in Nigeria today, your apprehension of a Muslim president ruling the life of the nation alongside a Muslim vice president sitting a heartbeat away from power and authority will be heightened. . Today, Nigeria is a terrorized state, where Christians and their relatives have been beheaded in their places of worship, set on fire while they slept in their homes, kidnapped while working on their farms and their wives raped at will. by Islamic terrorists. A Muslim-Muslim presidency is now seen as a possible entrenchment and extension of the harm that Islamic terrorism has inflicted on Nigerians and their ways of life.

Aeschylus was an ancient Greek tragedian and described as the father of tragedy. He once said, “There are times when fear is good. He must keep his watchful place in command of the heart. According to Aeschylus, the anticipation and fear of the negative vibes that may arise are good. And it helps resist bad vibes. Finally, what many fear, the Alhaji/Alhaji alliance is now among us and could probably be turbaned over a secular Nigeria in eight months.

But is it possible for a Tinubu presidency to “Islamize” Nigeria? I have deep respect for Asiwaju because of the many noble things he has done in the past. But in this election cycle, I do not share his political views. He was not my choice in the party primaries, and he is not one like today for several reasons. However, I have no fear that Tinubu will “Islamize” Nigeria. His background does not match that kind of concern. Tinubu thinks of more important things than harassing Nigerians about religion. He has a broad and accommodating heart regarding religion and ethnicity. His wife, a serving senator, is an ordained pastor in Nigeria’s largest Pentecostal church. He never tried to “Islamize” his soul mate. More than that, Asiwaju is a Yoruba man. It is not in the Yorubas’ DNA to go berserk and bananas in an attempt to coerce others into serving a particular God. If Asiwaju becomes president, “Islamizing” Nigeria will be far from his office.

This, however, is the caveat. What is the agenda of his deputy, Shettima? We have no idea of ​​the thinking of those who will work around Tinubu, especially those in the North. Shettima was believed to have huddled with terrorists as governor. There is pictorial evidence of all of this on social media. He was described by some of his collaborators as the inventor and sponsor of Boko Haram. For politicians, politics is about votes and how they can be mustered to gain the upper hand over opponents. Asiwaju has made his choice. It is his prerogative. He has laid down his political bed and he must definitely lie down on it. And in no time we will see which side of the bed he gets up on when the people, Christians and Muslims, men and women without faith, vote.

I have said in public and private discussions that it is foolish to dope yourself in the opium of religion. What is really the bottom line here for ordinary Nigerians in a Muslim-Muslim team or a Christian-Christian team? What will make Nigerians happy with whoever emerges as the next president will be to flood the economy with jobs, food, money and a new breath of life different from the current crippling quagmire. If this happens, only very few, if any, will be the ones to shout Christian-Christian; Muslim-Muslim Malarkey. Nigerians desire and deserve a President who will erase the pain unleashed on Nigerians over the past twelve years. Nigerians need a president who will create jobs and more jobs. We are more interested in a Nigerian president who is well versed in job creation; not a rambling, ignorant commander who is commanded by bandits. The next president needs to know what paying workers’ wages looks like in his personal affairs. Except God pull a quick one on all of us in 2023 one of Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar or Peter Obi will become president. I ask God to release a lot of wisdom on the next president. May he be endowed with the courage to change this ugly and frustrating narrative.

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