Childers joins doctors speaking out against vaccination warrants at Florida summit on COVID



Local lawyer Jeff Childers joined a group of doctors in Ocala on Saturday, November 6 to talk about immunization mandates, childhood immunizations and early treatment. The event was hosted by Dr John Littell of Ocala and took place at the World Equestrian Center.

Jeff Childers

Childers told participants that Title VII grants protections to employees on the basis of religious beliefs; employers cannot discriminate against employees’ religious beliefs if those beliefs interfere with job responsibilities, and employers must provide accommodation. The medical exemptions derive from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Again, the employer must provide accommodation. Childers said employers used forms that tried to trick employees into making admissions that disqualified them.

Regarding medical exemptions, Childers said the key is that the law refers to a “recognized disability” and recovery from COVID (natural immunity) is only recognized during the first 90 days after infection. .

Childers said religious exemptions are “the stronger of the two … An applicant must show a sincere religious belief that conflicts with a job requirement.” Childers said employers don’t want to grant religious exemptions, but if they don’t, “that’s prima facie case of religious discrimination. I could win this case all day.

Childers said the forms currently used by employers build on existing case law, particularly a case that a sincere religious belief “could be compromised by extrinsic evidence of behavior inconsistent with that belief.” So, the forms try to collect information that will allow the employer to show inconsistent behavior, including questions about other medications you are taking, other vaccines you have received, etc.

In another case described by Childers, the court ruled that the objections were based on “perceived health problems and not on sincere religious beliefs”.

Childers then gave some practical suggestions regarding religious objection requests:

  1. Show, don’t say, your religious belief. Explain the basis of your religion, not what it teaches about vaccines.
  2. Avoid points related to health. “Don’t mention health issues on your religious exemption forms… If you don’t have a solid medical exemption, don’t even apply for a medical exemption. Just go with the religious.
  3. Indicate on the form that you agree that the vaccines are safe and effective. “Just take this whole health and safety issue off the table in your religious exemption letter. ”

More information from Childers on tackling employer mandates can be found on his blog, Coffee & Covid.

From left to right: Dr John Littell, Dr Richard Amerling, Dr Li-Meng Yan, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Mollie James, Dr James Buckmaster, Dr Paul Alexander, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Heather Gessling, Dr Robert Malone , Dr Richard Urso, Dr Brian Tyson

Summit presenters included Dr Paul Alexander, Ph.D., and doctors Peter McCullough, Heather Gessling, Ryan Cole, Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, Mollie James, Brian Tyson and Richard Urso. The Chinese defector, Dr Li-Meng Yan, joined the panel for the final question-and-answer session of the day. The three main messages from the doctors of the day were:

  1. Do not vaccinate previously infected people.
  2. Do not vaccinate children.
  3. Do not block early treatment.

Dr Peter McCullough said the work of Tracy Hoeg has shown that a child is more likely to be hospitalized for vaccine-related myocarditis than for COVID-19: “The CDC and the FDA know that … children against COVID should be excluded. He also said that instead of listening to just one doctor, Americans should see teams of doctors discussing all aspects of our response to COVID-19. Several doctors at the summit pointed out that the discussion about how best to prevent and treat COVID-19 has been suppressed, and no dissent with the CDC’s position that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for everyone. the world is allowed. Dr Heather Gessling and Dr Mollie James were both fired from their jobs at the hospital for voicing concerns about vaccines. Dr James Buckmaster has had his medical license threatened twice for treating COVID-19 with ivermectin.

McCullough also encouraged healthcare administrators to start writing innovative policies that recognize natural immunity. He pointed out that the CDC, FDA, and NIH are not treatment organizations; treatment is the “domain of the doctors”. He said it is immoral to block treatment.

McCullough also said there is “willful blindness” to vaccine-related adverse events and that if you experience an adverse event you should demand that it be reported to VAERS.

Dr Ryan Cole said 42% of American children recovered from COVID-19 by June 2021, before the Delta Wave, meaning many more have recovered now. He asked why we are introducing the risk of vaccines to all children when most of them have already had COVID-19. He pointed out that obviously not all children will have adverse events, but some will.

Dr Robert Malone

Dr Robert Malone recommended finding a doctor who will prescribe life-saving medication. He said it didn’t make sense that if you go to the hospital and your oxygen saturation levels aren’t low enough, they’ll send you home until you’re sicker. “Does that make sense? Have we seen anything like this before? He also said that children should not be used as shields: if other members of the household are at risk, they have vaccines and treatments available to them.

Dr. Pierre Kory spoke about the different drugs that have been studied for the treatment of COVID-19. He said that despite a recent study that made headlines showing fluvoxamine to be highly effective, it is still not recommended by the NIH for COVID-19. Kory said ivermectin is “almost perfectly suited to this disease” and the government could supply the whole country with ivermectin inexpensively. This graph in his presentation shows which agents were found to be effective and how many trials were performed on each (the leftmost on this graph, the more effective; gray squares indicate drugs with few trials).

Dr Mollie James said doctors shouldn’t be stopped from prescribing life-saving drugs in hospitals or for outpatients and doctors who say these drugs don’t work haven’t used them.

Dr Brian Tyson said he has treated more than 7,000 patients with COVID-19 and none of the patients who started treatment within the first seven days of symptoms have died. He said doctors should examine patients and treat symptoms: “All patients of all ages and vaccine status respond to treatment. They need to stop preventing us from treating patients and saving lives. “

Dr Richard Urso reported a list of studies on natural immunity which is kept up to date on the Brownstone Institute website; the list currently has 106 studies showing that the immunity acquired during recovery from COVID-19 is superior to the immunity acquired from vaccines. He also showed a slide of his current treatment regimen for Delta:

The full video can be found here, and the individual interviews can be viewed here.

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