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How religion intersects with ancient Greek society as well as its literary and artistic output is the focus of several University of Sydney researchers. Rick Benitez (whose current work focuses on later Platonic religious thought), Ben Brown (Homeric gods), James Collins (Greek religion and philosophy, religion and theatre), Julia Kindt (Greek religion beyond the paradigm of polis, Greek personal religion, Delphi and divination) and Peter Wilson (religion and theatre, religion and music) examine how ancient Greek religious beliefs and practices were at the heart of such divergent fields as politics, war, theatre, historiography, philosophy, law, medicine, sport. , agriculture and ancient economy.

The research center maintains close links with Studies in Religion (SACE) as well as international collaborations with academics from the United Kingdom (Oxford, Cambridge, St. Andrews), the United States (Stanford, Berkeley, Yale, The Ohio State University) and the mainland. Europe (the Max Weber College of Advanced Studies in Erfurt, the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and the “Religion and Politics” center of excellence at the University of Münster in Germany). We regularly organize workshops, conferences and international conferences (more recently, The local dimension of ancient Greek religion, held at CCANESA in November 2019). A steady stream of highly successful graduate and honors students is associated with this area of ​​research. The cluster’s excellence prompted Professor Jan Bremmer, a world leader in Greek religion and early Christianity, to accept an invitation as a Ritchie guest speaker in 2016.

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