Have you ever thought of carrying out a business check? Yes, a sort of coupon, just like you do with your car.

Does this sound like a stupid idea? Try to think about it: why do we submit our car to coupons and revisions? To make sure everything goes well. Why shouldn’t we do it with our companies too, instead of letting things go on by themselves?

In this article I want to explain to you what a business coupon is, how it is done and why you should take advantage of it immediately for your company, even if it seems healthy.


Company control for your business : a coupon to verify that everything is going the right way (really)

Think about taking your car for a nice road trip. Your model has all the lights and signals available and, even if it is a long time that you do not have it checked, you are calm even if there are many kilometers to do.

At first, everything looks perfect, but then something starts to go wrong. A sudden failure starts to light up all the lights, and after a while you find yourself at the side of the road, calling the tow truck and trying to calm your family, which rightly is on a rampage.

What happened? Only a mechanic can verify it, but one thing is certain: it could have been avoided.

Guide your company

Guide your company

Yes, your company has a lot in common with your car: it is something to take care of, for better or for worse. This means always being alert, even when things seem to be going well. Because that’s where something starts to crack!

What your company needs is safe driving, and this also includes constant monitoring of the reference parameters. And this is possible through the company coupon or control.

The coupon … and the revision

The coupon ... and the revision

At this point you will think: but I already do business control! I have the obligation of statutory audit …

In reality, this is not the case. Just like with cars, we need to distinguish between revision and coupon.

The first is mandatory, governed by the law, and is responsible for verifying that all the main components work properly, and that the car does not pollute too much, damaging the environment.

The second one, however, is optional, but goes much further into the control of all the car components: oil, filters, transmission belt, pads, but also spark plugs, battery, radiator, engine, glass washing liquids …

We are therefore talking about functions that, even if they stop performing, do not cause serious and immediate consequences but rather long-term problems. And they are also the most insidious problems because, being silent, they remain unnoticed until they become important, unless you proceed to a coupon.

The same thing happens with companies: there is a legal review, with audits and documentation, but there are many other factors that are not controlled, and that sooner or later can lead to problems.



What does the mechanic do?


What does the mechanic do?

This figure is a real deus ex-machina! The life and longevity of your car depends on your work. He is the first to notice every problem and to remedy it immediately. This provided that you periodically bring it to him.

Andrew & Sax is the mechanic of your company. We verify, through specific tools such as the company dashboard, that all the parameters are within the norm and that the trend is following the forecasts.

Has it ever happened to you that you were very satisfied with your work but found yourself with a handful of flies at the end of the year? Maybe you’ve earned less than you thought, or paid more taxes than you should. This does not happen with a periodic company inspection, because there is time to correct the shooting during the work phase.

Not only: sometimes the problems can also derive from external factors. Just like an accident can damage the car, missed payments, tax and customers can damage the company.

Therefore the need for a company control that is put in place by a qualified entity, which knows the typical problems of small and medium enterprises and is able to intervene promptly and competently, becomes clear.


The methodology

The methodology


If the customer decides to set up a program of regular coupons, depending on the km or the age of the car, for companies the matter is different.

Companies are always subject to constant and much more variable problems. For this reason, if the mechanic simply opens the car and checks the functionality of the components, Andrew & Sax will instead draw up an action program for your company, which is based on 5 fundamental steps:

  • Verification of the current situation and detection of critical issues
  • Project of intervention
  • Implementation of the action plan
  • Training on actions carried out for the future
  • Reaching the goal

Unfortunately, company control is still underestimated, and is considered a luxury that only a few can afford. But this is absolutely not the case!

Why carry out corporate control?


The company coupon or control is instead fundamental for every type of company, even and especially the smallest. In fact, if large companies are naturally equipped with one or more internal resources assigned to the control function, SMEs do not have this possibility.

Often, instead of resorting to an external resource, they decide to postpone or not carry out any checks at all. The consequence is that, taken from daily commitments, from customers, from banks and from taxes, the entrepreneur forgets to keep the situation under control, to pay attention to the signals, to make improvements where possible.

This is why corporate control is one of the most effective resources available to entrepreneurs, not only to save their company from potential problems, but also to improve quality standards and, consequently, earnings.