Daily cup and quiz: November 12, 2022


#Word of the day – gripulous (striking, greedy)

  1. The New Horizons probe was the first probe to explore where in 2015? Saturn, Ceres, Pluto, Jupiter
  2. Kyudo is the Japanese art of which sport?
  3. What artist name is in the name of the busiest airport in Italy? Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Leonardo
  4. In 1933, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 which prohibited US citizens from hoarding what?
  5. In poetry, how many lines, traditionally, make up a villanelle?
  6. All Saints Day is celebrated in France during which month of the year?
  7. Mount Entoto is the highest peak overlooking which African capital?
  8. Which religion uses a domed structure called a stupa as a shrine?
  9. On a QWERTY keyboard, what letter is between C and B?
  10. Which four-letter word beginning with “I” is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet?

Answers for November 11:
Questions: 1. Representatives of the Crown, Armed Forces, and local municipal leaders, among other organizations, lay wreaths of which flower on Remembrance Day? 2.The beginning and the end of the traditional silence are often marked by the firing of which weapon during ceremonies? 3. At what time of day is the minute of silence for veterans observed? 4. The Commencement National Service, with a choir from the Chapel Royal, is conducted by which person from the Church of England? 5.Veterans of several wars march in the Veterans Parade. Which of the following wars is not represented in the parade? WW1, Kosovo, The American Revolution or WW11 6. What is the main area of ​​charity work of the Royal British Legion? 7. Which poppy factory produces almost 30 million poppies a year? 8. What was the name of Mrs. Michaels, the lady who made and sold paper poppies to raise money for soldiers and veterans after the First World War? Matilda, Mary or Moina 9.John McRae wrote the poem “In Flanders’ Fields”, but what was his profession? 10. What was melted down to be part of the nearly 20,000 poppy pins commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme?
Answers: 1.Poppy 2.Cannon 3.11am 4.Bishop of London 5.The American Revolution 6.Support for Serving and ex-Service men and women and their families 7.Aylesford factory 8.Moina 9.Doctor 10.Bullet sockets

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