Estrich: What more do they need to hear?


He knew they were armed.

He knew they meant harm.

He sent them to the Capitol.

He wanted to go with them.

He had to be restrained.

What more do we need to hear?

We’ve heard before that he knew it was a big lie and he lied anyway.

We have already heard of the fake voters that he knew were fake.

We have already heard of the pressures, threats and violence he unleashed on election officials trying to do their job. Fulfill their oaths.

We have already heard him approve of the unspeakable.

What more do we need to hear?

Next, we’ll learn more about what was happening at the White House while we were sitting at home.




I hadn’t received a call like that since 9/11. Turn on your television. The world is going to hell.

And he refused to call them back.

We will find out the names of everyone who tried to reach it and failed, and of everyone who should have tried to reach it but didn’t.

It is a story with no redemption, except that which occurs when a public servant speaks the truth, as she did on Tuesday. Small moments of redemption among hours of horror and brutality.

Tuesday’s January 6 committee hearing was hastily added to fill some gaps in the schedule for that terrible day. The testimony did that.

It gets to the point where we are beyond shocked. The president was ready to destroy our democracy and sacrifice the vice president on the altar of his ambition.

It’s, it was the President of the United States. And he wasn’t there alone. The list of those who asked for forgiveness is a list of those who knew better and did worse. They should be held accountable.

The list of those who aided and abetted in what was an attempt to overthrow our democracy is a list of those who should be held accountable.

And now what?

The list that matters most right now is very short. This is the list of Republicans who have the courage to stand up to a man who still commands a fervent minority. Who will say that he was wrong and that he is wrong, that he is dangerous, that he has proven it and that he should never be able to do us such harm again?

What Republicans will stand up and say that? What more do they need to hear before they do?

The country needs patriots. Where are they?

I remember watching the Saturday night massacre – the night President Richard Nixon ordered the removal of Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox – on television with my father. My father was a Republican from Massachusetts and he voted for Nixon. That night he lost his faith and I regained mine. The Attorney General refused to carry out the order and resigned. The Deputy Attorney General followed suit. Cox was fired, but Nixon was forced to accept a replacement and ultimately abide by the rule of law. My heroes were the lawyers who defended the Constitution.

I am looking for them now.


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