Ex-Delhi minister receives death threats from god-men over religious event


New Delhi: Former Delhi minister Rajendra Pal Gautam, who sparked controversy over his comments on Hindu deities at a religious event, has claimed he received alleged death threats from several men -gods.

“I have been threatened with death by so called gods, which I learned of today and filed a complaint with the President, Union Home Secretary and Police Administration at this topic. Victory is beyond fear. Jai Bheem!,” Gautam tweeted on Friday.

In the death threat letter, the AAP MP claimed that three Ayodhya-based Hindu gods were trying to defame his image and create religious tension.

“One of these Babas, by inciting people in the name of religion, gave a contract to kill me, offering Rs 50 lakh for it,” he alleged.

The former minister said he filed a complaint with the police and also wrote to President Draupadi Murmu and Union Home Minister Amit Shah in this regard.

“The way these so-called babas publicly insulted the constitutional rights of me and my society to participate in the Dhamma Initiation Program and by inciting religious feelings in the public, they incited violence against me and created a atmosphere of terror. Not only have they done the job of defaming our country all over the world, but in inciting people who believe in the Hindu religion against people from scheduled castes and people who believe in Buddhism, the job of spreading enmity and hatred in society,” he added in the letter.

“The objective of these religious gurus is to threaten me with death and they want to terrorize the people of my society so that they do not follow the path indicated by Baba Saheb Ambedkar for fear of their threats. These babas made this statement so that people’s religious feelings will be incited and people will commit criminal activities like murder, communal violence and riots and also through this video an atmosphere of hatred and animosity will be created in society,” the AAP MP said.

“The police and the administration must take strict measures against the enemies of society and the country so that in the future no one engages in this type of terrorist activity and that the atmosphere of peace and brotherhood is maintained in the country.”

These so-called babas not only attempted to carry out a terrorist plan to incite violence against Bahujan Samaj and Buddhists by inciting the religious feelings of Hindus, but also insulted the beliefs of Ambedkar and people who believe to Buddhism, says the letter.

The police should impartially investigate where these so-called babas get so much money from and what its sources are and which terrorist organizations they have links with, the former minister added.


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