Festivals in August 2022: Raksha Bandhan to Janmashtami, see the full list here

August is the eighth month of the calendar year. This month is full of fasts, festivals and cultural celebrations and as we are coming into the new calendar month, we must know the important dates and days for each festival and celebrations of the month.
This beautiful month of August starts from Sawan month according to Hindu calendar, then it will change to Bhadrapada during this month and it has many religious activities from Nag Panchami, Tulsidas JayantiRakshabandhan, Krishna Janmashtami, Dahi Handi and many other important festivals and fasts. This month has its own importance among Hindus. They celebrate every festival with great fervor and enthusiasm.
So here is the complete list of important dates and days for each August celebration:-
Date Day Fasts and Feasts
August 1, 2022 Monday Third Sawan Somwar Vrat
Andal Jayanti
Vinayaka Chaturti
August 2, 2022 Tuesday Nag Panchami
Third Mangla Gauri Vrat
August 3, 2022 Wednesday Kalki Jayanti
Skanda Shashti
August 4, 2022 Thursday Tulsidas Jayanti
August 5, 2022 Friday Masik Durgashtami
August 7, 2022 Sunday friendship day
August 8, 2022 Monday Fourth Sawan Somwar Vrat
Putrada Ekadashi
August 9, 2022 Tuesday Fourth Mangla Gauri Vrat
Pradoch Vrat
August 11, 2022 Thursday Raksha Bandha
Hayagriva Jayanti
Shravan Purnima Vrat
August 12, 2022 Friday Varalakshami Vrat
Gayatri Jayanti
Narali Purnima
Sanskrit diwas
Shravan Purnima
August 13, 2022 Saturday Bhadrapada begins
August 14, 2022 Sunday Kajree Teej
August 15, 2022 Monday Bahula Chaturti
Maha Sangada Hara Chaturti
independence day
Heramba Sankashti Chaturthi
August 16, 2022 Tuesday Nag Pancham
August 17, 2022 Wednesday Balram Jayanti
Randhan Chath
Simha Sankranti
malayalam new year
August 18, 2022 Thursday Janmashtami
Shitala Satam
Ashtami Rohini
Kali Jayanti
Masik Krishna Janmashtami
August 19, 2022 Friday Janmashtami (ISKON)
Dahi Handi
August 19, 2022 Friday Kalashtami
August 20, 2022 Saturday Rohini Vrat
August 23, 2022 Tuesday Aja Ekadashi
August 24, 2022 Wednesday Pradoch Vrat
August 25, 2022 Thursday Masik Shivratri
August 26, 2022 Friday Pithori Amavasya
Darsha Amavasya
August 27, 2022 Saturday pola
Bhadrapada Amavasya
August 28, 2022 Sunday Chandra Darchan
August 30, 2022 Tuesday Varaha Jayanti
Hartalika Teej
August 31, 2022 Wednesday Ganesh Chaturti
Kerala Vinayaka Chaturthi
Vinayaka Chaturti


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