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All religions are equal before the law, but conflicting beliefs cannot all be true. Even so, it is likely that most well-meaning religious people aspire to higher standards than agenda-driven secularists, who reject the idea that human beings are created in the image of God.

These people are fools, but they’re not stupid. They know that God and the human soul are divine and cannot be analyzed scientifically. They trivialize religious arguments because their fragile ego does not support conclusions. Self-centeredness tends to harden hearts and soften brains. Hard hearts and soft brains naturally promote laziness.

Sloth is spiritual laziness or apathy. By its very nature, this mortal sin robs the soul of excellence. Destitute souls are hungry souls, easily persuaded to feed on nonsense. Laziness is especially bad when passed on to children and young people.

For thousands of years, ordinary people have observed the universe and reasoned about the existence of a higher power. They sought to commune with him through prayers, rituals and sacrifices. Despite the imperfections, it paved the way for something much bigger.

This greater knowledge is called Divine Revelation. There is ample circumstantial, testimonial, documentary, and miraculous evidence readily available that supports claims that God exists and has communicated with mankind indirectly through prophecy, miracles, and scripture, and directly through his incarnation, life, death and his resurrection.

The Christian message has always been divisive and the faithful treated with contempt. Unfortunately, division and contempt have intensified over the centuries, even among Christians themselves. This is never an excuse to water down Divine Revelation to mere philosophy, opinion, nature worship or New Age stuff.

The most arrogant fools accuse Christians, especially Catholics, of blind faith. It is probable that these geniuses have never read a single article by a Father of the Church, an encyclical, a decree of the Ecumenical Council or a catechism. However, they are quite good at selecting Bible verses.

It doesn’t stop there! They continue to expose their ignorance every time they regurgitate half-baked comments from the story. They painstakingly sift through tertiary sources like Wikipedia to address their biases, but ignore counter-arguments that debunk legends and provide fuller context to Christianity’s long, rich, and complex history.

How about virtue signallers and radical academics? The first act takes indignation at the sins committed by Christians, but celebrates questionable court rulings like Roe, Casey and Obergefell. The latter misleads students whenever they ignore, minimize, or distort the plethora of positive contributions that Christianity has made to humanity.

Group thinkers like blanket condemnations of religion. This is why they can denigrate every religious tradition and every believer as if there is no difference between them. Now the saints, sages and seekers can be tarred and feathered with fanatics, fools and perverts.

Today, millions of narcissistic fools worship the altars of pleasure, possessions, power, or praise. They mark time on their ungodly, self-centered hamster wheels until the grim reaper undoes them. No wonder our country is overwhelmed by depression, despair and addiction.

Human beings are body-soul creations, and both need to be well nourished for optimal health. Christianity nourishes the body with bodily works of mercy and nourishes the soul with spiritual works of mercy, scriptures, sacraments, and liturgies that engage the senses, enlighten the intellect, and guide the will to God. Otherwise, human life is just biology.

Every sane person desires happiness. Experience confirms that temporal happiness is accessible but that it is ephemeral. The Christian faith ensures that eternal happiness is accessible and permanent. Contrary to popular belief, temporal and eternal happiness are not mutually exclusive. In unison, they shed light on the proper end of faith, reason, religion, education, vocation and politics.

Reasonable people understand that wise people order their lives accordingly!

Larry Lahiff lives in Lewisburg.


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