From caste to religion, UP Assembly poll results show major shift in narrative


It may be too early to draw any conclusions, but preliminary study of Uttar Pradesh Assembly poll results clearly show that it will not be caste but religion on which future elections will be held. in this hindi heart. Yogi’s 20-80 formula (20 represents the percentage of Muslims) has proven to be a super success. It almost erased caste equations.

By focusing on the majority and instilling in them a constant fear of being dominated by the minority, the BJP has managed to create a new narrative. Working on a total polarization along communal lines, the formula helped erase everything else and led caste voters to stalk the BJP as proud Hindus.

Angry farmers, pandemic disorder, inflation and jobless youth were all engulfed issues as the BJP pushed forward with the support of all castes and sections thanking the saffron party for being a savior of Ram. “Hum usey laaey hain jo Ram ko laya hain (we will bring back those who brought Ram back) were slogans pulsing across TV screens as devotees, women in the forefront express their gratitude to the BJP leaders.

Despite the landslide victory of the BJP, credit must be given to Akhilesh Yadav for building a powerful bipolar platform of opponents. Certainly, he emerged as a winner by fighting a courageous fight against a party based on cadres. Now it seems he fought alone as his six alliance partners have just provided a decorative rainbow coalition of different castes. In reality, these caste leaders, who entered SP at the last minute as Turncoats, seemed to have changed as individuals leaving behind their vote bank. The last minute changes made by Akhilesh to accommodate these new entrants created a big divide among aspiring SPs who had worked for the party and were waiting for the ticket for the election.

It seems that the caste voters Akhilesh relied on to create the magic did not support the party. They remained silent, participated in the rallies but decided to vote elsewhere. They voted BJP.

Here I remember the late Atal Bihari Vajpayee who in an interview with me wisely answered the question why the Ram centered BJP formed its first government in UP but failed to win a mandate in other states, simply replied, “Because Ayodhya is in UP.

Again BJP has Ram to thank for connecting it to all castes and ensuring they vote as Hindus. They were told that they had been included in the 80% list while the 20% minority who favor Akhilesh were expelled. This appears to be the first and foremost cause of the BJP’s success in the state which seems to have sold its heart to Akhilesh, at least that is what it looked like on the surface.

If these claims are found to be true then from now on Uttar Pradesh will cleanse itself of caste centric politics and focus only on religion or better we will call it by its rightful name -Hindutva.


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