From “perpetual aimlessness” to “fixing our common North” (to be continued)


Need to unite for the best: Modern society is divided and polarized by ideas of democracy and religions; and, we have no idea and clarity to “unite” societies and define and differentiate between good-bad, true-false, superior-inferior. We continue to be in a state of uselessness. Let’s try to discuss, explore and set a higher, better common goal, based on common sense and the wisdom of “oneness”, which we can all learn to strive towards.

Today, academia and education are all about IQ, 3Rs, grades, degrees, not being good. Science focuses only on the knowledge of nature consisting of “inert matter”, but ignores the study of “good being” or “life, consciousness” which makes us “living beings”, different of the material”. Religions only focus on “belief and belonging” to “my vs your God/religion”, rituals/worship etc.

Modern society, for various obvious reasons, has rejected religions from traditional education systems. However, the need and the ideal would be for all to sit down together and work out our common, universal, highest and best goal, the “North”, and show us how to inspire and make “good people of character and of wisdom”, who will be Mentors of society and can then lead us to develop the faculties of mind to walk towards the North.

Schooling and parenthood, in addition to the 3Rs, should also aim to inspire people to be “good” and help them develop powers of mind, discrimination, will, self-control, etc. to remain determined to be good by engaging in just and ethical actions. and their respective duties for the good of society as a whole, and together let us march towards the good, the highest, the best, the “best” in and through our work and our daily lives!

Our hypothesis is that governance, academia, science, religions must also study the different viewpoints and worldviews available and let school and parenting spend time exploring, reflecting and coming to common ideas about God and about the purpose and purpose of our work and daily life too! Only then can we draw action plans to inspire us all, to build the capacity together to strive to be good, better, for the better.

From “my-vs-your to us”, a healthy worldview of “unity”: Let’s try together to get an idea of ​​our North and to be good and, taking inspiration from religions, we will do this by trying to understand and appreciate the relationship between Man and Nature and an entity called Life or God , which is an ideal of “Perfection” towards which religions encourage us to go.

Of course, the problem is that God is totally invisible and unexplored; even by our so-called educated and scientific era. Many believe and many do not believe in God; while those who believe in God have no clarity or agreement on who exactly God is and, believers of this or that religion themselves continue to fight, kill, spread hatred and terrorism, in the name of God ! Education and science reject religions because religions ask us to have faith and “belong”, but do not allow questioning. Yet all religions, education, society ask us to be good, not bad!

What, if any, is the relationship between “God and creation”? Let’s reflect on a Fundamental Principle and a commonsense reality, namely that “the Effect is One with” and “is not separate from the Cause”. However, the cause is independent and separate from the effect.

What will be the relationship between God and Creation, based on this principle of “cause and effect”? (To be continued)



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