Here are the library books the teacher and school board member want to review:


As we first reported on Monday, the chairman of the language arts department at Northview High School and the chairman of the Escambia County School Board are calling for the immediate removal of approximately books from school libraries until so that they can be examined.

Vicki Baggett has been teaching for over 30 years, including the last two decades at Northview. She’s compiled a growing list of more than 115 books that she says are inappropriate in schools, primarily due to sexual language and graphic designs that she says actually violate Florida obscenity laws.

School board president Kevin Adams has called for the books to be removed until they can be submitted to a review committee. They are not calling for the books to be banned unless they violate state or federal obscenity laws. However, they want parental permission for students to read any of the books that pass a committee.

Baggett provided us with a 14-page list of the books, detailing exactly what she thinks is wrong. The list was emailed to Escambia School District officials in four parts, from August 5 through September 14.

Due to the explicit descriptions on its list, we have chosen to make the book list available in two versions. The first is an edited list that only details each book’s name, author, and an indication of whether it is available in elementary, middle, or high school libraries in Escambia County. We also make an unedited version available, exactly as Baggett presented it to the school district.

For the edited list, without graphic descriptions, click or tap here.

The following link will load the full, unedited list. It contains vulgarities, numerous graphic sexual references, references to bestiality, and other material that some readers may find disturbing. It is not suitable for all ages. Clicking on the link means you are 18 or older. For the unedited list, click or tap here.

Both lists are information provided by Baggett to the school district. The accuracy of the information contained in both documents has not been independently verified by us. It is presented as a copy of public documents.

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