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Faith communities are an arena in which personal climate actions can grow to have greater impact.

These inspiring examples of what faith leaders (and congregational groups) are doing about climate may be of particular interest to pastors — or others currently or potentially in leadership positions among parishioners.

For a great introduction to the (mixed) big picture, start here:

Then read “Faith for Earth,” an excellent three-part series from Ayurella Horn-Muller and Amber Strong of Climate Central, Southerly and Newsy.

Here are several stories about particular people, places and actions:

One action is gaining traction in faith groups: divestment of funds from fossil fuels. See here, hereand here for specifics.

The Catholic Church has continued to develop ways to respond concretely to Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical, Laudato si’, which called for swift action against global warming. The website of the Catholic Climate Alliance offers a rich collection of resources.

Other collection sites offer more treasure troves of information. The most complete is undoubtedly that of the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology. See, for example, his extensive collection of articles on religion and climate change and its long list of links. Other lists of active organizations are from the UK-based Operation Noah and the Blessed Tomorrow Coalition.

Finally, it is important to note that while the above resources focus primarily on practical actions in American and British Christianity, leaders of other faiths have issued strong statements of creation care.

This series is curated and written by SueEllen Campbell, a retired Colorado State University English professor and close observer of climate change. To report works that deserve your attention, send him an e-mail at any time. Give us your news.


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