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white supremacist online leading reactionary forums and figures are praising rapper Kanye West’s turn to anti-Semitic conspiracy with a barrage of memes, praise and calls for escalation. On Telegram, 4chan and neo-Nazi forums, posts reviewed by rolling stone show that West’s statements were received with utter glee by the most vitriolic figures on the far right.

On Telegram, white nationalist livestreamer Nick Fuentes celebrated the comments and even forwarded posts from a Nazi affinity channel attacking a Jewish critic of West’s anti-Semitic rants, captioning the post “the Jew screams when he hits you,” an anti-Semitic trope that portrays Jews as oppressors pretending to be victims. Fuentes also forwarded an article describing the mainstreaming of concepts such as “White Lives Matter” and “anti-white racism” as “clear wins.”

On message boards like 4chan, users celebrated the West “going nuclear” and “declaring war on the Jews.” A user transformed the name of West’s fashion line “Yeezy” with “Zyklon” a reference to Zyklon B, the chemical used to murder millions of Jews in gas chambers during the Holocaust. The list, sadly, goes on, with dozens of pieces of content applauding West and decrying his temporary withdrawal from the platforms dominating message boards.

What started as a controversy over West wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt at Paris Fashion Week turned into a torrent of anti-Semitic statements on social media and, as leaked images posted by Vice demonstrated Tuesday, to Tucker Carlson during an interview last week.

Tucker Carlson tonight is a friendly space for white nationalist ideology with a sordid history of hiring staff with a affinity for extremist forums. Leaked excerpts from the Vice interview released on Tuesday revealed Carlson’s production team cut various anti-Semitic comments from the aired version of the interview, including West saying he’d rather his kids know Hanukkah before Kwanzaa. because “it will come with some financial engineering”. .”

After meeting Carlson, West had his Twitter and Instagram accounts frozen after posting attacks on Jews, including accusing rapper Diddy of being controlled by Jews, and saying in a tweet that he would go “death con 3,” on the Jewish people. West also alluded to the claim that black people are the true descendants of the original Jewish race, a complex ideology associated with Radical Hebrew Israelite movement that often veers into its own subset of anti-Semitic tropes.

Kanye’s attacks on Jewish people run in several veins, primarily the anti-Semitic belief that Jews secretly control the media and big financial institutions to support some sort of hidden, globalist agenda. These allusions found an echo in the responses of reactionary personalities. Following West’s social media bans, far-right activist and conspiracy theorist Ali Alexander wrote on Telegram that platforms like Truth Social and Gettr “will not release statements about Ye’s censorship because they too fear or align themselves with Jewish power”.

Far-right streamer Tim Gionet, known by his nickname “Baked Alaska”, has claimed vindication of his own beliefs. Gionet was banned from “Deploraball” Celebration alt-right after he tweeted that Jews controlled the media, and was eventually banned from Twitter after he posted a picture of far-right Jewish activist Laura Loomer inside a gas chamber. He would eventually be charged by Arizona prosecutors with criminal misdemeanor damages after going public disassemble a Hanuukah display while singing “No more ‘Happy Hanukkah’, just ‘Merry Christmas’.”

“Funny, all the people who canceled me on the right wing for saying ‘Jews control the news’ on Twitter are now defending Kanye for saying much worse years later lmao,” Gionet wrote. on Telegram. “YOBAS YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD! NATION OF CLAIM!”

Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer also applauded West’s comments. Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin posted a cartoon on West’s site grabbing a Jewish man by the nose, advising West to keep going or “they’ll Jew you to death”. Anglin devoted an entire article to aggregating memes and social media posts touting West’s ‘death con 3’ threat, including an image that scaled the phrase ‘crimes of the Jews’ to that it is larger than the known universe.

Many mainstream conservatives covered their condemnation of West’s statements with appeals to his overall conservative beliefs and assertions that misrepresenting West or forcing him to delete the statements was potentially more damaging than the statements themselves. The reluctance to condemn outright is the space where violent actors find their footholds. Conservatives see it as an asset whose transgressions they are willing to forgive in order to advance their own goals, while white nationalists and far-right reactionaries will seize the opportunity to legitimize their own beliefs.


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