Letter: Jackson’s response shows his left-wing activist ways


This letter is about Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, a known left-wing activist judge who uses her sworn position as a platform to lead political advances in her activist beliefs. After listening to his responses, there is no doubt that this activism is deeply rooted in all of his decisions as a sitting judge.

Specifically, Senator Marsha Blackburn asked, “What is a woman? Jackson declined to answer the question, instead stating that she didn’t know. I think I know why she refused to answer such a simple question.


Jackson knows she can’t answer that question in the context of a left-wing activist. He would not be accepted by the mass of Americans, thus failing as a Supreme Court justice. Instead, she chose to go mute. Why?

When a person is born, there are two choices for God, male or female. This has been established since man, about 300,000 years ago, more or less.

But now the gender is biased; it is artificial, false, obscure, unknown. The man intervened. The man brought uncertainty. The genre is lost.

God’s plan is flawless. Man has taken on the role of God, and this judge believes it is his right position to speak in “His” name; though she never said a word except to denounce her understanding of third-grade biology. Her definition of a woman is strictly from a militant left-wing mindset.

This is Jackson squeezing religion out of our society, removing gender from human law, and unleashing sexual predators on our children.

Jackson wants our nation’s highest court and plunges the American people into the abyss of leftist darkness.

Mike Leonardi



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