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Recently, several letters have appeared in the Dominican Republic on how Christians should view homosexuality. The purpose of this letter is to join in that conversation.

Christians are followers of Jesus, so a crucial question is, what did Jesus say about homosexuality? The answer is nothing, at least nothing recorded in the New Testament. But some scholars have pointed out that he had occasion to comment on this in the case of the centurion’s servant (Luke 7). A Roman centurion contacted Jesus and asked him to heal his servant, who was seriously ill. The underlying Greek language, according to scholars, indicates that there was a romantic relationship between the centurion and his servant. Jesus could have said to the centurion, as he did to the woman caught in adultery: go and sin no more. He does not have. He has just healed the servant and praises the centurion for his faith.

And what are we to think of the passages in John’s Gospel (John 20:2, 21:7, 20) that refer to the disciple whom Jesus loved. Of course, in a sense, Jesus loved all of his disciples, but apparently there was a special relationship with this anonymous disciple. There was a physical dimension to the relationship as evidenced by the depiction of this disciple at the Last Supper as leaning on Jesus’ breast. Was Jesus gay? There is not enough evidence to make a definitive statement about Jesus’ sexuality. There is enough evidence in the above passages to raise the possibility that Jesus was, at least, bisexual.

In any case, Jesus did not consider a love relationship between two people of the same sex worthy of condemnation.


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