Letter: Reject HB 1080


Posted: 03/13/2022 07:01:02

Modified: 03/13/2022 07:00:20

People have the right to rely on healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care, but the Legislature is currently considering a bill that would allow our state’s healthcare professionals, including pharmacists and employees pharmacy, to impose their private, religious beliefs on New Hampshire patients. HB 1080 is dangerously vague. The limits of moral or ethical objections are not defined in the bill. These broad implications could deprive patients of reproductive health services, including birth control, sterilization and abortion. Imagine a doctor refusing to fill a prescription for birth control pills because of his religious beliefs or an employee at the local pharmacy refusing someone condoms because he objects to the use of birth control.

The wording of this bill makes it illegal for the pharmacy to fire or even transfer the pharmacy clerk or for the physician to face consequences for refusing to write a prescription for birth control pills. HB 1080 authorizes refusal of care without any responsibility and without any protection for the patients. Patients across the state could be denied health care, full and timely medical advice, and necessary prescriptions because of a provider’s religious beliefs. New Hampshire should work to expand access to health care in the state, without adding barriers for patients. New Hampshire legislators should keep the best interests and public health outcomes in mind when crafting legislation. HB 1080 would only damage granite staters, especially in rural communities. I urge NH House to reject HB 1080!

Diane Siegart



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