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Like Rome, faith cannot be built in a day

Have you ever heard the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” It takes time to build perfection. There are times when the structure is under construction and a strong wind blows and knocks it down. Usually because there weren’t enough braces to help support the walls.

Have you ever wondered, “Am I on the construction crew or am I on the demolition crew?” Many times we are challenged by temptations, it is so much easier to join the demolition team than the construction team. Maybe we should work for a few more graces to help us build instead of tear down. God is happy to build as you go instead of building everything overnight.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states: “The grace of Christ is God’s free gift to us of his own life, infused by the Holy Spirit into our soul to heal it from sin and to sanctify it. It is the sanctifying or deifying grace received at Baptism.

This is why it is so important to be baptized. God gives us the gift of purifying our soul from original sin. It doesn’t matter what religion you choose.

So what can you do to build your faith? You can start by asking God for forgiveness or going to confession. You can attend mass or your church service. Being in the presence of God can help you receive those additional graces you need to be one in his likeness.

So receive the sacraments, spend some quiet time with our Lord, turn off the noise. Spend time with your church family. Read the Bible, study, study again. Do works of mercy (helping others, penance, fasting, etc.) Build your faith little by little. Earn these graces by receiving the sacraments and/or doing charitable works. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was your faith. So start building today and don’t destroy your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Even though you have already destroyed it, God wants you to ask for forgiveness and rebuild your faith. Peace to all.

Lisa Rexroat Dieterich

Social workers make the world a better place

The country’s approximately 720,000 social workers entered the field because they have a strong desire to help people and to make our communities and the world a better place to live.

Every day, social workers touch millions of lives. In fact, you, a family member, or a friend have probably been helped by a social worker. You’ll find social workers virtually everywhere, working in schools, hospitals, mental health facilities, veterans centers and child welfare agencies.

Social workers have been at the forefront of creating this country’s social safety net. At Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois, we are a social work agency committed to championing racial equity in child welfare. We do this because children of color have traditionally been picked up more often, stayed longer, and returned to their families less often.

Children of color need your support. Consider reaching out to your lawmakers and urging them to support Senate Unbiased Child Removal Bill 3720 from DCFS, which would establish a pilot program in an effort to address racial disparities in the child welfare system. childhood. Implicit bias too often affects people’s actions unconsciously. This new program would use a blind removal strategy to decide whether a child should be removed from their parents’ home.

This Social Work Month and beyond, we urge you to stand up for children and families within the child welfare system. Be a strong, positive voice for change on their behalf.

Mike Bertrand Mount Vernon


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