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The King of Glory Lutheran Church recently bid farewell to our pastor as he moves on to another position in the church district. It was a bittersweet event, and nearly 400 people attended.

A public HUZZAH is appropriate for Williamsburg dealerships and catering. Their food was very good and the staff courteous and efficient.

Change is hard, and this company has made ours so much smoother. Many thanks are in order for many people at the church, but this is an extra thank you to this local business.

They were easy to work with and delivered a great product. A real plus in today’s world.

Karen Peifer, King of Glory Event Chair


The Republican Review Committee, which includes more than 75 percent of House Republicans, released a 122-page report and budget proposal that will dramatically cut Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid benefits.

If the Republican plan is implemented, Social Security and Medicare would be partially privatized, food stamps would be reduced, Head Start would be phased out, Medicaid funding would be decimated, the Affordable Care Act would be weakened, unions would be undermined, the EPA would be gutted, abortion would be banned, birthright citizenship would be removed, Donald Trump’s border wall would be funded, and even the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would see its doors open for good closed.

If that doesn’t terrify every citizen of this country, then I don’t know what would. For those who choose to vote Republican this fall, here’s what you’ll get with your vote. The plan is available online under Republican Study Committee. Before voting, read this plan!

Michael Dallas, Williamsburg


Re: Message in a bottle article 10/07/22. I understand posting the message in a bottle post, we all appreciate stories like this. Someone throws a bottle with a message in it into a river, etc., and it’s found years later lying on a beach or floating somewhere. But I also find it a bit disturbing. In fact, throwing a bottle anywhere but into the proper waste container is called littering. Nowhere in the article was the word litter mentioned. Bottom line – I hope the story doesn’t inspire others to casually dump their message bottles (waste) in our rivers, lakes, bays or oceans, they are ecologically fragile enough already .

Tony Tanner, Virginia Beach


WNBA star Brittney Griner and a handful of other Americans are being held by Putin’s government and are being used as pawns in the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Does anyone in the Biden administration or the State Department have the guts to revoke the visas of all Russian and Belarusian athletes until those Americans are repatriated to the United States? This includes all WTA and ATP tennis players, and all NHL hockey players.

John KurecWilliamsburg


The United States of America is, like it or not, a country of immigrants. Aside from our Native Americans, we are all ourselves either immigrants or descendants of immigrants. And we all brought with us parts of our cultures, which enriched our combined culture.

Various religions are part of it. Even no religion is part of it. We are NOT a Christian country. We are a country of diverse peoples and diverse religions, including but not limited to: Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Mormans, Catholics, Protestants and also Atheists. As a result, our ideas diverge on certain subjects.

The First Amendment to the Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of any religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” He does not say that a religion should be able to tell everyone else how to behave or worship.

Today, one person’s religion often intersects with another’s. I think the answer is to let each person worship (or not) and conduct themselves in their own way. A group should not be able to tell another group how to act.

When it comes to women’s health, I’m a strong pro-choice advocate. I’m not pro-abortion, I’m pro-choice. Every woman should be able to take care of her body in the way she chooses, just like every man can. Each woman’s situation is unique. Condemning someone else’s decision without understanding all they’ve been through is intrusive in the worst possible way.

Think about that when you go to the polls in November.

Susan MulnixWilliamsburg


The poem “Amazing Grace” was a “poor choice” as a chant featured by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s July 4, 2022 celebration, Malcolm Keating of Williamsburg wrote. Misplaced typical liberal idealism about a separation of church and state.

While the poem is immensely popular in Christian circles, the poem is not grounded in Christian beliefs. The poem recounts the writer’s experience at sea. Newton believed that it was only by the grace of God that he survived a horrible storm in 1778 while aboard the ship Greyhound. I think we all know, man is predictable, when hope is lost, we pray, and we seek God’s intervention.

“There are no atheists in foxholes.”

The first saying circulated during World War I, and the second spread during World War II. at St. Matthias’ Church, Ilsham read a letter from an anonymous chaplain serving at the front.

“Tell the Territories and the soldiers at home that they must know God before they come to the front if they are to face what awaits them. We have no atheists in the trenches. The men have no ashamed to say that although they had never prayed before, they are now praying with all their heart.

The poem is used for religious and secular purposes. The term “Grace” has many meanings, but this definition is the most important. “Disposition to an act or example of kindness, courtesy, or leniency.” Knowing that Muslims, Jews and Christians follow the same God, the idea of ​​grace is the same in the three religions and texts.

In Hinduism, grace is the central principle of the Bhakti Yoga and Bhakti movements, which are considered reform movements in Hinduism. These movements can mean “grace”, “mercy” or “blessing”, depending on the context.

We should consider the idea of ​​grace. Grace is meant for forgiveness, and nowadays forgiveness is rare. You must have grace to be able to forgive. Grace and forgiveness do not mean that we worship a particular God; Grace is an act given by God for man and an act given by man for man. A man does not need to believe in God to offer grace and forgiveness to someone who has wronged him. Yet, if our children do not learn grace and forgiveness, we are forever caught in the loop of slaughter and hatred towards each other that we see today. Only with grace and forgiveness can we reduce and stop the problems of mass murder that we find in our country today. So, I say, if the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation sings a song about grace, what we’re doing is reflecting on the grace we should have for each other.

Reed JohnsonWilliamsburg


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