Local teacher retires after 40 years of educating young minds


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – Spending years in education is no small feat, but St. John Catholic Academy teacher Jimmy Boss has done it for 40 years with a smile on his face .

Mr. Boss spent his entire 40 years teaching in St. John. He has taught 5th grade religion, middle school religion, and social studies, and is a homeroom teacher in 8th grade.

“Oh, I’m grateful, more than anything, I’m very grateful,” Mr. Boss said. “I am grateful to God for his mercy. I am grateful to everyone I have worked with. I have worked with so many wonderful people and they have been such a help to me.

Help is what Mr. Boss has given to so many students.

“We prayed very hard to make a difference here in the community,” Mr. Boss said. “To be a sort of refugee, a refuge where children can come to receive the love of God and the love of others. We really tried to do that. I think there are cases where we have succeeded.

Her legacy and her joy hope to have an impact for years to come.

“I hope it was positive,” Mr. Boss said. “I really enjoyed working with children. There have been a lot of fun things that have happened over the years. It’s good sometimes I think in a class. You need to bring a sense of humor with you.

It was humor that got him through the tough times.

“The part I don’t like about teaching? It’s called computers! But that’s okay,” Mr. Boss said.

These challenging aspects of teaching have not gone unnoticed. St. John’s staff and administration wanted to honor Mr. Boss in a special way.

“I’m amazed at the bench, I really am,” Mr Boss said. “I am very grateful to my colleagues. I never thought I would have a bench or something with my name on it. It’s really awesome.

Now, Mr. Boss plans to enjoy his retirement with what he needs most.

“Recovery!” said Mr. Boss.

In fact, traveling more, going to church in the morning instead of just Sundays, and doing things he’s been putting off.

“I want to read things that aren’t textbooks,” Mr. Boss said. ” That would be wonderful. I have stacks of books at home that I say, ‘when I retire, I’ll watch this, I’ll read this.’

After 40 years of teaching, Mr. Boss has all the time he needs to check out what’s next on his to-do list.

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