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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: To avoid infighting within the state unit over the Rajya Sabha elections, the AICC leadership chose Jebi Mather from the many candidates. She had the support of the ‘A’ group in Congress and also of opposition leader VD Satheesan.
Meanwhile, KPCC chairman K Sudhakaran said the Rajya Sabha candidate was selected from the list he handed over to the party’s high command.
“The list I gave had four names, one of whom got the seat now. Jebi Mather’s name was on the list. The party high command has the power to make the decision,” Sudhakaran said, to everyone’s surprise. Mather’s choice as the party’s Rajya Sabha candidate.
However, there are reports that the state unit of Congress was a house divided even to set the criteria for selecting a candidate. Therefore, the state leadership had failed to reach a consensus to come up with a single name. There were many aspirants as the prominent ‘A’ and ‘I’ groups had separately sent lists of their candidates for the party high command.
Leaders had also spoken out against including those who failed in recent assembly elections. Consequently, the state leadership and the party high command were in a pickle as to the selection of the candidate. In this context, the high command of the party decided to go ahead with a name that was not on any of the lists.
It is learned that AICC Secretary General KC Venugopal communicated it to the state leadership and that Satheesan suggested Mather’s name. Satheesan had gained the support of Group ‘A’ for this after speaking with Chief Chief Oommen Chandy.
“It’s recognition for women in Congress, and all of the leaders who were considered for the seat are equally eligible and well deserving,” Mather said.
Age, sex and religion were the criteria that helped Mather. She began her political career as an activist for the Youth Congress and later became its general secretary. In 2016, she became National General Secretary of the Youth Congress. She also served as Aluva’s town councilor and later became its vice-president. She was appointed head of state in the Congress of Mahila last December.

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