‘Mayfair Witches’: Alexandra Daddario talks about Anne Rice’s adaptation


By Tyler McCarthy

The executive producers and cast of the upcoming AMC+ series Witches of Mayfair were at New York Comic Con this week to discuss the process of adapting Anne Rice’s famous books as well as the surprising film that influenced their process.

The show, which will be officially released on AMC+ on January 5, 2023, is an adaptation of the The life of the Mayfair witches trilogy, which was first released in 1990. The television series stars Alexandra Daddario as protagonist Rowan Fielding, who not only learns that she has supernatural powers, but has also inherited everything family heirloom. She’s joined by Jack Huston as Lasher, Tongayi Chirisa as Ciprien, and Harry Hamlin as Cortland Mayfair, all of whom appeared on the main stage at New York Comic Con on Thursday to debut the series’ first trailer. and discuss their characters.

Check out the trailer below:

The trailer reveals that Daddario’s character will have to interact with many supernatural beings, especially Huston’s Lasher, whose dark magic is aided by the usual CGI magic. When asked if that was a problem for her, the actress said she had booked the Percy Jackson film very early in his career. So acting against something that doesn’t exist is something she’s already taken a “crash course” in.

“I’m able to handle it without getting in my head,” she explained.

That’s when her co-star, Hamlin, stepped in to point out that she wasn’t the only one who took a crash course in acting against monsters that aren’t there in the Greek mythological narrative. . He slyly said Percy Jackson is based on Perseus, a character he played in the 1981 film Clash of the Titans.

“We didn’t have CGI, we had stop-motion animation,” he joked. “So I have some experience in this area.”

All kidding aside, the cast unanimously agreed that the best way to prepare for Witches of Mayfair was simply to become familiar with the work of Anne Rice. For Daddario, that meant always having a copy of at least one of the books with you: “1,000 pages, you have to go through it!” she says.

However, the preparation did not stop there. Asked about the influence that adapting a Rice story had on everyone’s process, the actress explained that she did a deep dive into not only Rice’s work, but also the story of his life. She said getting to know the characters as well as what inspired them showed up on set in many unforeseen ways.

“You can always bring this when you least expect it,” she said.

It also helped to have actual consultations from practicing Wiccans on set, she revealed. The actress explained that she had learned a lot about religion, which she described as being “rooted in kindness and love”, but refrained from saying too much for fear of missing out. know enough to talk about it publicly.

As for the end result of all that hard work, Daddario and the rest of the cast explained that adapting a Rice work is a unique challenge for any star. However, they all found that the characters and stories, despite being about witches, vampires, and other supernatural beings, were deeply rooted in themes related to humanity.

Luckily for fans of Rice’s work, executive producer Mark Johnson teased that other characters from the author’s work might pop up here and there as the network moves forward with Witches of Mayfair and Interview with a Vampire adaptations.

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