Medical students taught gender politics with the two sexes separated by a curtain in the classroom


A controversy has erupted in Kerala over an Islamist group that teaches “gender politics” lessons to a section of medical students by requiring male and female students to sit separately, separated by a curtain.

Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad, Student Federation of India (SFI), the student wing of the ruling CPI(M), and others have strongly criticized the courses.

The courses were delivered by the Islamist group – Mujahid Wisdom Islamic Organization – on the theme LGBTQIA+: Behind the Rainbow Flags: Understanding LGBTQIA+ from an Islamic perspective”.

This was revealed after an official from the group who ran the course posted a picture of it on social media. The manager said the course expenses were borne by the group who felt they could put up a screen or curtain as they wanted to separate the two genders.

”Just show your frustration and go babes,” the manager’s post said in response to criticism from classes.

Justifying the classes, he said they were taking place in a private space. SFI State Chairman Anusree told PTI that there is concern that highly qualified students are participating in the classes. ”The participation of highly qualified students in such campaigns is worrying. SFI sees this as a major challenge,” Anusree said.

The Kerala Sasthra Sahitya Parishad, a progressive grassroots science movement in the state, condemned the courses and questioned why no one was wondering why there was the curtain.

“Those who took the course did not explain why there was a curtain and those who attended the course did not question the need for a curtain,” Parishad officials told media.

With the incident being condemned on social media, the group defended their action saying there was nothing wrong.

The Government Medical College Students’ Union clarified that the course was not taking place on its campus.

In a statement posted on its official social media page, the union condemned the social media post that said the class was held at medical school.

”Religion is a personal matter. The college is in no way linked to these courses organized by a part of the people who follow the religion. It is reprehensible that the news of the courses given in a religious place was falsely diffused, they took place on the campus. Neither the college administration nor the college union has any role in the conduct of these courses. The college does not encourage such acts. We always support progressive thinking,’ the statement read.

Kerala Students Union (KSU), the student wing of the Congress, state chairman KM Abhijith told PTI that he has not yet looked into the matter and will react to it later.

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