NDMC defends Jahangirpuri teardown campaign, says allegation of targeting particular religion ‘false’


New Delhi: The North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) informed the Supreme Court on Monday that the allegation that the demolition campaign in the Jahangirpuri area selectively targeted a particular religion was “false” and defended its decision.

NDMC, in an affidavit filed in response to Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind’s appeal against the demolition campaign at Jahangirpuri, said that the petitioner has unfortunately projected a completely false image with a view to creating harm and achieving d other goals.

The NDMC said that the petitioner made false statements before this Court regarding the respondent company’s demolition of the properties without notice, and that this was done selectively by targeting a particular religion.

“The petition deserves to be dismissed solely on the ground that the petitioner, while invoking the equitable jurisdiction of this Honorable Court, resorted to falsehood and unfortunately attempted to sensationalise a routine administrative exercise by giving him an unwarranted community color,” the NDMC said.

NDMC also said that concerned authorities took the drill undertaken on 20.4.2022 to be in line with instructions issued by the Delhi High Court as courts have repeatedly ordered city authorities to clear rights of way and footpaths. encroachments.

“It is clear that it was for this reason that the petitioner lent his name by suppressing the above facts and attempted to collectively sensationalize an otherwise routine administrative exercise which was being undertaken under the orders of the Delhi High Court and not targeting not any religion or community,” NDMC said.

He further added: “The above facts and list will also show that the petitioner chose to refer to a particular religion or community, but the law enforcement authorities, in the exercise of their powers under Section 322 of the Act, exercised their powers solely on the basis of illegality being dealt with regardless of religion”.

He also demanded to take seriously an organization filing such a dispute without any locus standi.

On the issue of continued demolition after school status quo, NDMC said that as soon as the legal consultant verified this fact and informed me of the status quo order and company shutdown, the running process was immediately terminated.

“However, it was considered prudent to remove the debris lying on the road to ensure that there was no impediment to traffic and that bricks and other objects could not be used for other purposes. illegal purposes. This process of removing the above obstacles has continued for some time,” NDMC said.

The Supreme Court on Monday adjourned the case for July for a rehearing. Earlier, the Supreme Court extended the status quo on the demolition drive by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation in the Jahangirpuri area of ​​the nation’s capital.

Lead Solicitor Dushyant Dave, representing the petitioner, had argued that a particular part of society was being targeted by the demolition campaign.

He had also raised questions on how a BJP leader can write a letter regarding the demolition of such encroachments and the NDMC demolished it.

A petitioner, Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind, asked the Supreme Court not to use bulldozers to raze the homes of people suspected of involvement in criminal incidents such as violence.

Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind urged the Supreme Court to issue appropriate directions to the Center and state governments that no lasting hasty action be taken against a defendant in criminal proceedings and to issue directions that residential accommodation cannot be demolished as a punitive measure.

In his petition, Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind said that there had recently been an increase in incidents of demolition of residential and commercial properties by the government administration in several states as a punitive measure against people allegedly involved in criminal incidents such as riots.

“In response to alleged acts of violence, the administration of several states used bulldozers to raze the homes of people suspected of being involved in such incidents. A number of ministers and lawmakers, including the Chief Minister and Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh state, have made statements advocating such acts and have particularly threatened minority groups with the destruction of their homes. and their business properties in the event of riots,” said the petition read.


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