Need to review the Constitution to make it “truly federal”, according to Stalin


Thiruvananthapuram: There is a need to revise the Constitution to make it truly federal, DMK Chairman and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin said here on Saturday.

Presenting the unity of the opposition across the country to confront the BJP, Stalin said: “Individual voices here and there are not very helpful. It should be a united voice. It’s not enough if we’re only together in a few states. We should be united in all states. We should be a pan-Indian force. Addressing the session of the CPI’s Kerala State Conference on Federalism and Center-State Relations, Stalin recalled the dismissal of elected left-wing governments and the DMK decades ago , Kerala and Tamil Nadu respectively by the Center invoking Article 356 of the Constitution.

Stalin said: “It is necessary to review and reassess the Constitution. Until the Indian Constitution is amended to be truly federal, from the current status of quasi-federal, we will not stop. We must continue to raise our voice and work towards our goal.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has claimed that the competing list is becoming the Union list completely. The powers of state governments are being misused and financial rights have been taken away from the states through the GST. Entrance tests like the NEET have denied education rights and the National Education Policy 2020 is a policy of obstruction. The NEP is opposed by his party and his government not only because it was designed as a “policy of saffronization and imposition of Hindi”, but also because it prevents states from providing opportunities for education in line with their policies.

On his Twitter account, the DMK leader said: “Amid excessive centralization of powers by the Union BJP government, the demand for a review and reassessment of our constitution to make it truly federal becomes more important. Our lofty goals can only be achieved if the progressive forces remain united and become an All India Force. During the left-wing meeting, Stalin said that his party does not speak only for the states where DMK (Tamil Nadu ) and CPI (M) (Kerala) are in power. “We are also speaking on behalf of the BJP led states. They are also in danger.

Taking jabs at the BJP-led center on proposals such as “one nation one election”, he said uniformity is not unity. The answer to such an autocratic tendency is state autonomy and a strong federal structure, he said. “India is not a single government. It is a Union of several States. Calling India as a Union is not wrong. Even the Constitution defines India as a Union. After I started using the term, some considered it anti-national. They can’t even digest a term of the Constitution. Friendship between the Dravidian and left-wing movements blossomed during the genesis of the two movements, the leader of the Dravidian party said. Referring to principles such as federalism, state autonomy and secularism, he said: “Our ideals can be great! But for them to succeed, all the forces that support the ideology must come together. Stalin said the farmers’ demonstration in Delhi proved that autocracy cannot always win. He alleged that “the BJP, whose sole purpose is to divide people by religion, language and culture, treats us as separatists. There can’t be a bigger joke than this.

It can be recalled that the Tamil Nadu unit of the BJP is aggressively attacking the DMK regime in Tamil Nadu on several issues. The DMK leader alleged that the BJP was “born” to divide people for its selfish interests. Such a motive has been repeatedly rejected in national politics. He will also be defeated in the future. “The BJP should not confuse its electoral success with the success of its ideology. This is my polite reminder for them. The BJP will not succeed in its attempt to create a community, casteist, autocratic; Unitary India. The people of India will oppose it in a united manner. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, CPI leader D Raja and leaders of left-wing parties attended


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