03 May On what to use the credit for restaurants

03 May On what to use the credit for restaurants


Restaurant credit can make a difference in your business and become an instrument that accelerates your growth. The number of restaurants in Mexico grew by 6.5% during 2017, which forces establishment owners to look for differentiators and create strategies that generate positive experiences for their clients.

Having a credit for restaurants will help you cover different expenses and not lose liquidity. From maintaining the workforce and buying supplies; until doing a remodeling or opening a new point of sale.

I share 4 strategies that you can implement in your restaurant to create a value offer for your customers.

# 1 Redecorating your restaurant


Giving a new look to your store can help you attract new customers. Before redecorating, define the theme of your restaurant and the food you offer. The decoration will be different if it is a restaurant with Mexican food and one with French food. The goal is to create a pleasant atmosphere for your clients and create a different experience.

# 2 Hire talent

# 2 Hire talent

The food says a lot about a restaurant and like in any business, the talent you hire will make a difference. Hiring a Chef to change the menu can help you differentiate yourself from the competition.
When talking about talent, it is also important that you analyze the capacity of the staff. A quick service and friendly service can be a differentiator of your restaurant. If it is necessary to increase your workforce, do it!


# 3 Acquire new equipment


From a coffee machine to an oven that allows you to increase your production capacity. As a business owner you will know that buying kitchen equipment can be a complicated area. Before deciding to change or acquire a team, analyze the needs of your business and the tastes of your customers. Make sure the team generates value for your restaurant.
Remember that not all machinery must be new, there are products that already had use but are in good condition.

# 4 Open a new store


Many of the large restaurants started with a small store and were growing as the market required. Analyze if your business is ready for a new branch and request a loan to finance it. Carrying out a profitability study will help you make a better decision when requesting financing for your project.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, restaurant credit can become a tool that accelerates your growth if you use it in the right way. Analyze your market, define the objectives you want to achieve and choose a strategy to provide a new experience to your customers.