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Seasoned politicians are no strangers to the media. The most impatient will jump at any opportunity for mass media exposure that doesn’t cost the campaign expense account a penny.

And if there is an anomaly in this election season, it is that some candidates have chosen, for one reason or another, not to appear at the forums and organized events. That may change in the final weeks before Election Day.

Politics and the media are a delicate and necessary relationship. Leaders implement policies, oversee government operations, and guide us through emergencies. We in the media relay these events to our readers, just as we bring you information about the candidates seeking your support.

And in our deeply cultural, spiritual, and connected culture of family, religion, and politics, one of the most damaging flaws in a candidate’s armor could be their stance in the abortion debate. This sensitive issue, which many consider private and personal, can make or break a candidate’s candidacy in Guam’s political world.

For this reason, the abortion debate remains a hot topic as candidates seek ways to secure the support of their constituents.

We again urge voters to do their own research. Perhaps the reasoning behind a candidate’s particular position on the issue of abortion is more important than the position itself. Remember that the way a candidate presents their point of view and the clarity with which they are able to express themselves and connect with you speaks just as strongly as their position.

The next few years of growth through post-pandemic recovery amid regional tensions with massive and continued military buildup will require honest leaders who can clearly articulate and drive sound policy decisions. A vote should not be based on a single question, but rather on a range of political approaches, experiences and past performance.

The election section of the Pacific Daily News is now available to readers. Check it out on guampdn.com/election. We have also provided the contact details of the candidates.

Read about them. Ask questions on your own. Find out who deserves your vote.


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