Polish Ministry of Education Creates Academic Disciplines of Bible and Family Studies


The Polish government created two new academic disciplines, Bible studies and family studies. “Both are particularly needed in Poland,” says Education Minister Przemysław Czarnek.

Speaking at the Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), Czarnek revealed that he signed an ordinance creating the new fields of study. He noted that the country already has a number of top researchers in these fields, and “we have great potential to really develop them,” especially at KUL.

The discipline of family studies is particularly vital because “without family, we will not exist in 50 years”, added Czarnek, quoted by the Polish News Agency (PAP).

‘Poland will either be Christian or it won’t exist,’ says education minister

Yet “for several years in Poland – and for several decades in Western Europe – we have witnessed a powerful attack on the family”, he warned. This resulted in “a crisis of the family”, which explains “why it is so important to establish the field and the discipline of family studies”.

“Science is the search for truth. We must find the truth about the family and show this truth to society,” the minister explained. He also added that “we want to strengthen Polish Bible studies so that a center can be established in Poland similar to that in Jerusalem, Switzerland and the United States.”

In addition to being Minister of Education, Czarnek is himself also a professor of law at KUL. Since joining government in 2020, he has become one of its most conservative and controversial voices, pushing for religion to play a bigger role in education and regularly attacking ‘LGBT ideology’. .

‘LGBT deviants don’t have the same rights as normal people,’ says Polish education minister

Last month, Czarnek warned that “Poland will either be Christian or it won’t exist”. Last year he called for children to receive a Christian education to ‘save Latin civilization’ and suggested schools use the writings of Pope John Paul II to teach about business and sexuality.

Czarnek’s appointment as education minister sparked protests among many academics, hundreds of whom signed letters calling for his dismissal and an international boycott against him.

In response to the minister’s latest announcement, Jan Hartman – professor of philosophy at Jagiellonian University and a prominent anticlerical activist – argued in an article for Polityka that the new areas of Bible and family studies are simply a way for the government to channel more state money to the church.

Main image credit: Jakub Orzechowski / Agencja Wyborcza.pl


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