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Ammon News – The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies (RIIFS), HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, gave a lecture on Monday on “Global Humanity” and basic principles of human rights for achieve a world order that protects human integrity and promotes communication.

During a meeting entitled “Religion, Man and the Construction of Inner Peace”, Prince El Hassan stressed the need to strengthen the concept of global humanity and build human consensus to counter the challenges and the dangers that threaten humanity, reiterating the call for the establishment of an institution for zakat and humanitarian solidarity.

The Prince stressed the need to renew the societal and moral dimension in religious discourse by applying reason to devise appropriate decisions and solutions to advance civilization, noting the importance of reconsidering concepts, finding outlets for understanding, to resume scientific research and to combat ignorance.

He presented the vision of the Tunisian Islamic jurist, Muhammad al-Taher bin Ashour, whose teaching advocates the opening of a wide field to “Ijtihad” since Islam does not aim to bring all answers in all aspects of life.

Tunisian Minister of Religious Affairs Ibrahim al-Shaibi, who moderated the meeting, stressed the importance of integration between the efforts of scholars and others interested in the field of religious studies in Jordan and Tunisia. , praising Prince El Hassan for promoting tolerance.

RIIFS, in cooperation with the Tunisian Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Tunisian Embassy in Amman, organized the meeting.


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