Refinancing Pan Bank, Is It Worth It? The Pan Bank Refinancing can be carried out for both real estate and car trading. In this case, it is a type of credit in which you put your property or car as collateral for debt repayment. Banco Pan is known to be one of the banks that offers good refinancing conditions, but it is important to be aware of interest rates that can vary widely. So it is interesting to know the rules well before closing the refinancing.

Banco Pan offers several options and lines of credit for you to refinance your new vehicle, or even your property. Through the Pan Bank Refinancing you can have special conditions, besides having different interest rates. Banco Pan also has a tradition in the market, but the best alternative is to always request a search without compromise on the refinancing conditions offered to the client. Remembering that these conditions can vary greatly from how much the person earns, and this can modify the value of the plot.

Banco Pan refinancing conditions

It is usually intended for the following publics: retirees and Pensioners of the INSS, Federal servers, State servers, municipal servers, military of the Armed Forces. But of course if you are not in one of these publics you can go to Banco Pan and ask questions about the conditions in which you can fit in.

Refinancing Pan Bank makes all kind of refinancing

Refinancing is within the rules, and Banco Pan guarantees this in accordance with the regulated credit line and that it complies with Law 10,820 of December 17, 2003, thus allowing the payroll loan as well as its special conditions. So if you need to, nothing better than to avail Pan refinancing. That is, with Pan Bank you can refinance your loan with lower interest rates than the current ones and thereby increase the value of your credit. Know better the conditions:

Refinancing of Pan Bank Property

Refinancing of Pan Bank Property


In order to contract the refinancing of Banco Pan’s property with a guarantee, it is not required that the borrower is already a client or a bank accountant, however, it is necessary to have a property in his name, besides being free if onus, that is, removed. Both individuals and legal entities can obtain money in this type of modality, for this, a credit analysis will be done to evaluate if you are able to pay the loan monthly, in addition to valuation of the property. What are the requirements?

  • Type of property: residential or commercial.
  • Value of the property: minimum of R $ 150 thousand.
  • Amount of credit: minimum amount of R $ 50 thousand.
  • Monthly interest rate: from 1.38% per month.
  • Average payment term: up to 20 years.


Refinancing of Pan Bank 


Refinancing of Pan Bank vehicles


Vehicle age: up to 10 years from the date of manufacture; Credit amount: up to 90% of the value of the vehicle; Monthly interest rate: varies according to the credit analysis done by the bank; Average payment term: up to 5 years.

There are also advantages when requesting a refinancing of Banco Pan, among them we can highlight the following: installments discounted in sheet, fixed and monthly installments, do not need to open checking account, no need to transfer salary, besides of course, the immediate money in your pocket.


How to request refinancing in Pan?


How to request refinancing in Pan?

If you are not an accountant at Banco Pan, it does not have to be, but know that you need to have a good in your name to give a guarantee, be it real estate or home. It is worth mentioning that in the case of vehicles, the release of the value will only occur if the documentation is current with the State Department of Transit (DETRAN). If there are fines, for example, there will be an impediment to the release of credit.

Of course, one of the best alternatives is for you to go to Pan in person to talk to some of the people responsible so that you can cure all doubts. But if this is not possible, you can do it online yourself. For this it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • Step 1 Simulate the desired value.
  • Step 2 Negotiate the amount of credit, term and fee (by email or phone)
  • Step 3 Choose how you want to be served (store, motoboy, email and / or Sedex)
  • Step 4 Wait for the analysis of the Bank and its Organ
  • Step 5 After approval, we contacted to inform the release of the credit


When is refinancing worth it?


When is refinancing worth it?


When opting for refinancing, one of the advantages is the low cost compared to other types of credit. But for this it is important to make the consultation to see how the installments and interest were. It is worth doing the refinancing of the Bank in cases like discharge of a very high debt. For example, when you have your debts out of control, it is worth refinancing the property because this is one of the lowest cost claims on the market.

It is also advantageous to do a refinancing of Banco Pan, when you need to get credit for your company. Still more for business owners, attractive conditions are available, so it’s worth considering refinancing Pan. By clicking here you can access more details and the rules on the interest conditions for individuals and legal entities.