Caixa’s Refinancing : it is one of the most traditional banks known in the country, Caixa carries out financing of real estate and vehicles, both new and used, and other real estate. In addition, the future borrower also relies on the credit product called refinancing. With the refinancing or secured loan , you give some good in your name to the Caixa to grant a financed loan, can be the vehicle or a house, room, apartment etc.

Today the refinancing of both real estate and vehicles is becoming a more common practice among Brazilians. In recent years dozens of companies are intermediating banks that do the refinancing with collateral . And there is no reason to be afraid of this type of negotiation. The key is to know the rules, interest, and fees charged before requesting the service.

The savings bank is recognized as one of the banking institutions that offers lines of credit, loans and financing as the lowest interest rates in the market when compared to other private banks. However, just like any bank, Caixa applies rules and conditions that are often not taken into account at the time of credit acquisition. It is good to know the rules before signing the contract and compare with other institutions.

Rules for refinancing Caixa?

When opting for this service, the customer must have an account with the agency. This is because he will need to be in frequent contact with the bank to make payments, to ask questions. Another factor is that both the property and the car must be cleared and in the name of the person asking for the refinancing .

Both can not have pending, ie if the vehicle has fines the owner must settle the bills. Then, when submitting the application, the bank will make an assessment of how much your property is worth, as well as the vehicle. It is only after this analysis and the closing of the contract that the loan is released. Customers who own a car with more than 10 years of manufacturing will not have approved credit analysis.

Property Credit

Property Credit

The refinancing of Caixa for real estate is called Own Property Credit and is a line of credit destined to Individual customer, granted through fiduciary sale of immovable property given in guarantee of the operation. The resource has no specific destination, that is, you can use it for whatever you want.

In case, it’s not as bureaucratic, and you do whatever you want with the money released. In this case, this business option is indicated for people who are indebted and want to pay off the debt, and opt for a lower interest service, and long-term payment. There are some advantages to realizing the Caixa Property Own Credit :

How do rules and conditions work?

  • Extended term: the client has up to 240 months to pay, that is, 20 years;
  • Practicality: soon, the benefits are monthly, decreasing and automatically discounted in your checking account;
  • Without giving satisfaction: you use the loan any way you want. From R $ 20 thousand to 50% of the value of the property, varying according to its ability to pay and relationship with Caixa;
  • Varied options: in relation to other financial institutions, this is one of the ones that offer the most variety, both when negotiating and when the loan is released;

If you wish to realize the Own Property Credit, you must go to an agency and present the following documents: “Identity Document, CPF, Proof of Residency, Proof of Residence, Proof of Income, Property Registration. There may be other requests if necessary. ” To know more about the conditions, click here and read the regulations. (on here).

Auto Credit Box

Auto Credit Box

The refinancing of Caixa for vehicles is entitled Auto Credit Caixa which is basically a line of financing made especially for individuals, intended for the purchase of new or used cars or motorcycles. You can finance up to 80% of the vehicle’s value, with pre-fixed interest rates starting at 1.24% per month and without additional charges.

To obtain the Auto Cash Credit, it is important for the customer to know that the interest rate is fixed, and he can finance new and used cars, motorcycles, national or imported, and can reach up to 80% of the value of the vehicle according to year of manufacture and customer relationship.

What is the term of the auto refinancing?

The term to pay is up to 60 months and you still have the possibility to postpone the payment of a benefit per year. Partial amortization or early settlement of the outstanding balance is allowed. Special conditions for vehicles with auto insurance. Of course for the release of credit, the same goes through analysis and only then is released the credit to the customer.

For cash financing or refinancing both property and vehicle, the interest charged may vary a lot, as it depends on the bank’s assessment of how much the customer’s good is worth, as well as when the customer can pay. That’s because they will do a survey if in fact you will be able to afford this fixed and monthly expense.