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Of course, the Lib Dems have form. Their own leader, Tim Farron, resigned after controversy over his views on gay issues, saying he felt torn between living as “a faithful Christian” and being the leader of a political party.

As early as 1992, Paddy Ashdown announced that abortion would no longer be a matter of conscience but party politics, prompting Catholic MP David Alton to announce he would no longer stand for re-election. When he went to see the Lords, he was on John Major’s list and not Ashdown’s.

This is simple religious discrimination, but it is commonplace. Diversity apparently works for Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, and all sorts of weird cults, but not for Christians, who face the secular equivalent of the Inquisition, especially in self-described neighborhoods. as liberals.

When Pope Benedict XVI upset Muslims with thoughtless remarks at a university lecture, worshipers at Westminster Cathedral that evening were greeted by placards proclaiming “Jesus is the slave of Allah” and ” Islam will conquer Rome”.

The police did nothing, which I applaud in the name of freedom of expression, but would they have done nothing either if Christians had stood in front of a mosque and proclaimed “Allah is the slave of Jesus” and “Rome will conquer Islam”? Like the hell they would.

Racial equality laws do not protect white people, gender equality laws do not protect men, and religious discrimination laws do not protect Christians. Islam has a stricter teaching on homosexual issues than Rome and Muslims and Hindus are against abortion, but you will never hear their politicians pressed on such issues unless they belong to foreign governments.

David Campanale is just the latest in a long line of victims.

Major Concerns About Basic Facts

Another documentary contains the erroneous claim that John Major was guilty of hypocrisy because he campaigned for “Back to Basics” while having an affair with Edwina Currie.

Major, as I think all of the press knows but ignores because it’s an inconvenient truth, was not on a moral crusade but wanted education to focus on the three Rs, that the police focuses on crime and the NHS on patients rather than getting bogged down in bureaucracy and peripheral considerations.

In the next general election, William Hague ran an almost identical campaign but under the title of “The Common Sense Revolution”.

It included advertisements proclaiming that under the Tories, teachers taught, nurses cured, etc. But fiction sells better than reality.

Nurses making patients a priority… cherish the thought!

If nurses go on strike, they are betraying their very vocation, endangering lives and causing suffering.

Sunday night I watched a newscast in which a nurse and father of a little girl said he wanted to tell her about experiences she would remember and cherish but he couldn’t. afford to do it with his salary, then he would go on strike.

Oh good? Is his child’s pleasure worth more than another’s life or well-being? There will be people who worry about putting enough food on the table for their children, keeping the roofs over their heads as mortgages go up, turning up the heating.

Cherished experiences will be low on their priority list, but access to NHS care will be very high. They don’t need to find that the nurses aren’t there.

Self-proclaimed petulance is not bullying

Sir Gavin Williamson may be a knight, but he is no gentleman. Using the kind of foul language he used towards a woman reached the depths of rudeness and vulgarity. That, however, doesn’t make Williamson a bully: just an intrusive, petulant, self-proclaimed schoolboy.

Intimidation can only be inflicted by the strongest to the weakest and few people are as powerful as a Chief Whip. Bullying is the prolonged mistreatment of someone who cannot fight back, not a sudden outburst of anger between equals, but now the wokerati are screaming bullying at the first sound of a slightly raised voice or irritation in a text.

Predictably, the opposition is calling for Williamson’s resignation. Rishi Sunak should tell those barking deputies to get lost. If he gives them Williamson’s head, they’ll just take another, just like the media.

It is time for adult politics to be restored.

Hot air smoker does not add up

Could someone add up all the carbon emissions from jets and cars over the course of the 27 climate change conferences and then publish the numbers?

So could someone add up what we, Britain, have spent on climate change measures over the last 10 years and compare it to the hole in Britain’s finances?

And when the abacus has done its job, can we then think about a thing called proportionality by comparing the UK’s 1% contribution to carbon emissions and China’s 25%?


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