Return of Busy Period for Faculty Research Grant Activity


There are currently nearly forty active research grants that support individual labs and faculty-led research projects at Bowdoin. The recent announcement that Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Kana Takematsu has been awarded a prestigious five-year National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Fellowship worth nearly half a million dollars has increased to twenty -four the number of Bowdoin professors whose research is in progress. funded by the NSF, said director of sponsored research, Cara Martin-Tetreault.

“In addition, we have seven NIH-funded grants [National Institutes of Health] that support basic biomedical research, and three NASA research grants that support basic research in science, technology, aeronautics and space exploration, as well as a number of people funded by other sources.

Many of these fellows are either scientists or social scientists in fields where the material needs for equipment and supplies are greater, Ms. Martin-Tétreault explained. “Nearly all, if not all, science researchers must obtain ongoing financial support from outside agencies, so applying for grant renewals every two or three years is part of their training as researchers in their respective fields.” (For example, see Danielle Dubé below).

“However, many Bowdoin scholars in the humanities also receive funding in the form of grants and fellowships from organizations such as the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Ford Foundation,” Martin-Tetreault added.

Here is a look at some of the grant-funded projects initiated at Bowdoin over the past three academic years.

Ongoing awards from July 2021 to present:


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