Retract your loan if the interest rate is still low. You compare the interest and ready, you would think. But unfortunately it is not that easy. There is a bit more to it. In addition to a low interest rate, other issues also play a role. Such as the relocation costs and the new term. Read our tips on how you can save on your loan.

Benefit from a lower interest rate

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When transferring your loan to a new loan, it is wise to compare the interest rates. Currently, interest rates are still quite low. You already take out a personal payday loan through us at an interest rate of 4.1% or more. View our interest rate comparator to compare the interest rates and loans with each loan type.

Save on your monthly expenses by combining loans

Do you have multiple loans? Then merge your existing loans.

By merging your existing loans into a new loan, you save considerably on interest. Moreover, you repay faster so that you have repaid your debt earlier. By combining multiple loans, you also create more overview. Very pleasant.

This does not only apply to a personal payday loan or revolving credit, but also to expensive mail order credits or a red card. Do you have a loan with Interbank, ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank, Santander or another major bank?

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Make the term of your new loan shorter

Make the term of your new loan shorter

In addition to the interest benefit, you can also refinance your loan to make the term shorter. With a shorter duration, you pay interest over a shorter period. You pay off faster, so the amount on which you pay interest falls faster. With a longer term, the monthly amount to be repaid is lower. But in the end you are more expensive because you pay interest for longer. A loan with a short duration is therefore cheaper.

Check whether there are transfer costs

Check in the conditions whether there are costs associated with transferring. And if so, whether it is beneficial. If you take out your loan, you borrow money again to repay your old loan. Only your new loan has a lower interest rate and probably better conditions.

No closing costs

No closing costs

With us you can transfer your current loan for free. You save directly on your monthly payments and borrow on the best terms. We arrange the transfer for you via our free transfer service. That way you no longer have to worry about it yourself.