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For the editor:

Over the past few months, I’ve seen a lot of letters to the editor asking school board candidates about their stance on certain issues. These are great questions that give more insight into how candidates will work on how to educate our children.

Incumbents were asked a question regarding their position on teaching sexual orientation to children in kindergarten through grade 3; this happened in early spring 2022 and still no sight of them. It’s a simple yes or no question. If they can’t decide what they think about an easy question, I can’t imagine them making a sensible, rational decision about our children’s future.

The candidate I vote for will fight for ALL children, regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, etc. This candidate believes there needs to be changes to get politics out of the schools and focus on our children’s academics. New Ulm has an excellent graduation rate of 94% in 2021; however, the MCA proficiency levels for science, math, and reading are 50.2%, 50.5%, and 51%, respectively. Thus, just over half of 2021 graduates master these three basic subjects. My candidate would like to see these numbers increase dramatically and will do his best to focus again on basic education for our children.

I’ve also seen many questions about the challengers’ experience with regards to qualifying for school board membership. I have noticed that incumbents say their time on the school board is the reason they are more qualified to be a member of the school board. However, when they were first elected, what experience did they have? None or minimal? Preparing a budget and approving expenses for a school district is a little more complex than preparing a family budget. My candidate has experience preparing budgets, financial statements, approving expenses, preparing income and tax returns, and assisting with audits of for-profit and non-profit businesses of several million dollars.

I also noticed that it looks like the three starters race together as a group, and it was their ideas and leadership that contributed to the 50% skill level of the MCA test scores. I think it’s time to change so that these skill levels increase and better prepare our children for the real world.

I may be biased, but having a child currently enrolled in this school district, I want the best for my child, and that’s why I’m voting for Jo-ell Flitter on November 8, 2022. I know she would appreciate your vote as well. Remember that you are NOT voting for a group; you vote for the best person who aligns with your beliefs and morals.

burton flitter

New Ulm

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