Sound off April 4, 2022


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• Are our city or county commissioners interested in helping the people of Gainesville and fixing our roads? Our roads are horrible, and I’m just curious. I can’t believe no one is calling, writing or saying anything about this, and these commissioners are just plain blind.

• Florida students have lost the opportunity to study Americans’ fight against racial injustice because of the anti-revival bill pushed by my governor, DeSantis, and backed by votes from my state, Senator Keith. Perry and Rep. Chuck Clemons. What a sorry bunch we elected.

• Is it possible for those who disapprove of the way Governor DeSantis has handled his job of governing our state to approve of the job Biden is doing to lead our country when he really isn’t leading it? And those blunders he makes? These are not blunders; these are big mess.

• A recent letter to The Sun asks, “Why is there religious intolerance in public education? This question should be directed to Thomas Jefferson and the other American Founding Fathers. They believed that state-mandated religious education was the kind of government tyranny they should avoid in their new nation, and their Constitution created a legal barrier between religious dogma and public institutions, including schools.

• This is a letter of commendation for the Catnip program in Gainesville. The men and women work so hard to make sure the feral cats are neutered and neutered. It is a program that helps us all in this area. Please honor them with donations large or small. Every little gesture counts.

• In response to Edward Harmon’s article as a guest columnist in The Sun, “Biden is working to destroy America’s fossil fuel industry,” I support his destruction of the fossil fuel industry. We have to get rid of fossil fuels if we want to have a future in this world. And don’t tell me about fossil fuel jobs. West Virigina coal miners can easily be trained and educated to work in clean air factories that produce wind turbines or solar panels. Their life would be better, their health would be better, and the world would be a better place.

• Another excellent article by Edward B. Harmon. Just the facts. Thanks thanks!

• I am responding to Clayton Smith’s letter to Gainesville on Thursday, March 24 Gainesville Sun. It’s about Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon devastating Vietnam. I also liked John Kennedy, but he lied to the American people as he escalated the war in Vietnam. Someone has to mention it.

• Senator Rick Scott wants to raise taxes on the bottom 40% of earners, while President Biden instead wants billionaires to finally pay their fair share: 20%, which most of us pay in class factory Girl. Which do you prefer? Preventing billionaires, like Scott, from evading taxes or charging Scott’s next pay rise on the aid of the struggling working class?

• Even using a loose interpretation of the Second Amendment, it’s hard to reflect on the latest road rage killings and donut shop shootings, and identify a well-regulated militia.

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