Sourav Chakraborty on the row of posters in Kaali: I am shocked to see that religious beliefs have become so vulnerable | Bengali Cinema News

The ongoing series of posters on Goddess Kaali has left Sourav Chakraborty in a dilemma. The actor-filmmaker who prefers to stay out of all the limelight of social media has a simple question for those who escalate communal tension and religious hatred. Do you really need to make this such a huge issue? Do we really need to lecture ourselves about religion instead of speaking out against more pressing issues? Sourav is baffled by the state of mind people are in right now.

“I don’t understand why we always comment on religious beliefs, mandir-masjid controversies or even this latest Kaali poster? Tell me one thing is that our religion is so vulnerable that someone’s creativity will hurt it so much? I think we have bigger issues to address. All of this craziness only diverts attention from more pressing issues like the education system, corruption in all aspects of life, etc. “, underlines the filmmaker known for his magnificent work in the realization of the web series “Dhanbad Blues” and “Sabdo Jabdo’.

He is also doing a great job with the Bengali channel YoutTube Uribaba which provides a platform for independent Bengali web content. “Although our platform has become so popular with fresh and engaging content, the amount of freelance work in different genres here in Bengal is far less than it should have been and it needs to increase a lot,” Sourav shares.


The actor-filmmaker also has high hopes for his upcoming ‘Sharey Shaitrish’ project, “We’ve all been patiently waiting for this one. It tells the story of a dystopian world where love doesn’t exist and everyone world, whether rich or poor, suffers from lack of love. So building a world like this took a long time. We had to work rigorously on storytelling, production design, costumes, but also the location. Post-production is almost complete.


Sourav also plans to make a feature film now but he doesn’t want to divulge much about it. “It is still too early to talk about it. All I can say is that it’s a different love story,” he adds.


Not only the web projects or the feature film, but Sourav is doing a wonderful job with his poetry videos which have become very popular on social media and he wants to continue the good work away from glitz and glamour.


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