Tallahassee Friends off racial justice series from January


The Friends of Tallahassee (Quakers) have already successfully delivered a series on racial justice and healing three times and are opening it up to the whole community this time.

People of all racial backgrounds are welcome. Weekly participatory study sessions via Zoom will take place on five consecutive Tuesday evenings from 7 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., starting January 25.

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Each session consists of short videos available online to watch before the weekly virtual meetings (preparation time approximately 35 minutes / week), personal reflection questions and a meeting facilitated via Zoom, including sharing of ideas, experiences and inner awakenings in small groups. .

The themes of the session cover: 1) white power, invention of whiteness and white privilege; 2) “See” systemic racism; 3) Practice anti-racism; 4) Undo the lie of black inferiority, heal racial trauma and cultivate resilience.

Registered participants are encouraged to participate in the five virtual gatherings if possible.

Participants arrive at the study sessions on racial justice by different routes. Some have more experience than others in dealing with topics; some have read a lot on the subject, others very little; for some religion is an important part of how they approach the reflective questions that we are going to raise together, for others it is less important, if at all.

Our facilitation guidelines are designed to help create a safe and supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable and comfortable sharing their ideas and life experiences in small groups.

Those interested can register by emailing Rebecca Miles at [email protected] Please indicate at this time whether or not you would like to be part of a multiracial discussion group. We hope to have at least two this time.

By registering before January 23, you will receive the links to the short videos assigned in time to watch them before the first virtual gathering on January 25.

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