Terry Tsiolis makes his major museum debut with the “Portraits” display case


Terry Tsiolis has been photographing celebrities for top fashion magazines for over a decade. He has photographed some of the most recognizable faces in the world, from Rihanna to Isabella Rossellini to Gwyneth Paltrow. But for his first big presentation in a museum, he focuses on the people who are not popular.

Later this month, the Canadian-born photographer will make his Greece debut with an eponymous display case at the Benaki Museum. The exhibition consists of portraits from 2013, all of which are the product of her inclusive casting calls.

“Seven years ago, I posted on Instagram that I had rented a studio and that anyone who wanted to have their picture taken should send me a message. Everyone is welcome,” he explains. “I just wanted everyone to have access to it, and that’s how the project started. I was able to travel to Greece with, to Spain, to Morocco, all over the United States. I met people. amazing and I’ve heard amazing stories. “

The open invitations he regularly posted said: “Hello, I will be in the studio to take portraits. [DATE]. Everyone is welcome. Any age, color, height, gender or religion. Send me a message if you are interested. “

For Tsiolis, the place of the show seems personal. “I’m first generation Greek and I have a strong attachment to my roots, so it was really good that the first show I did was sort of where it all started,” he said. BAZAAR.com. “I [also] love Benaki; it is one of my favorite museums in Athens. So I felt really proud and excited at the same time. “

Beyond the personal connections he made throughout the process, Tsiolis says he appreciates being able to hone his skills in an entirely new way. “[This project] definitely influenced my fashion work, “he says.” It got more and more about the subject, her story, not just a girl in pretty clothes. I am online [to them] much more.”

The exhibition will be open to the public from November 18 to December 5 at the Benaki Museum in Athens.

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