The end of Prometheus explained


“Prometheus” announces its epic intentions in the very first scene, with stunning cinematography of a lush, deserted wilderness that we later learn is Earth. Wide, pristine shots of the prehistoric landscape accompany Marc Streitenfeld’s ethereal score, and we’re introduced to our first member of the pale alien race affectionately known as “The Engineers.” This mysterious being watches a spaceship depart into the clouds, then drinks a mysterious black liquid from a metal cup. Immediately, he splits in pain and begins to disintegrate – the camera zooms in to show us his very DNA dissolving, then beginning to recombine as he plunges into a waterfall.

Later, it is suggested (based on how closely an engineer’s DNA resembles human DNA), that this was when engineers essentially created mankind. Much like the monolith in the famous opening scene of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” which gives primates a boost in the evolution of consciousness, “Prometheus” posits that this race humanoid alien sent a lone member on a fateful journey. mission to break down into the genetic building blocks that would eventually become modern humanity. Why this process would take such a long detour in pre-hominids and australopithecines is not entirely clear, but it is shown that engineers are definitely the creators of mankind.


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