The Institutes of the Christian Religion or the Destruction of the Christian Faith


Incredible delusions of the infamous John Calvin

Calvinism’s doctrine of predestination has been challenged in centuries past, and Ronald attempts to eradicate the Calvinist creed using the word of God

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, Nov. 16, 2022 / — Unbelievable Delusions of the Infamous John Calvin is Ronald Craig’s opposition to Calvinism and its basic tenet, especially predestination. Ronald Craig strongly rejects and refuses to see through the Calvinist view, that a person who sinned was predestined to sin, and no matter what a person does, they will go to heaven or hell based on that determination. Ronald asserts that everything in Calvin’s theology degrades the supreme sacrifice of Jesus Christ and deprives countless Christians of the blessings Christ gained for the human race through his sacrifice on the cross.

In the opening pages of the book, Ronald criticized John Calvin’s fundamental misrepresentation of God that the Creator predestined the fall of Adam. Calvinism’s doctrine of predestination has been challenged by some scholars over the past centuries, and now Ronald Craig is trying to eradicate the Calvinist creed through the written word of God, he claims.

In doing so, Ronald Craig begins with a question: “What would you think of a home builder who decided to design and build the perfect residence for himself?” build it with painstaking work; use the highest quality materials; carve it with the most valuable components available, then light up its masterpiece and demolish the house, having planned to do it for its glory? Then salvaging some of the shattered pieces of this expensive wreck to use in rebuilding a smaller home for himself, he burned the remaining pieces with a vengeance. He being the owner and arbiter of both material and labor, his action must be reckoned both by the parts he saved and those he burned. Whatever his reason for doing what he did, no one can accuse him of wrongdoing. His decision was right because he had secretly wanted it that way. It is a clear analogy of the relationship between the Creator and creation, castigating the sacrilegious idea that God decreed the downfall of Adam.

Although primarily an antithesis of Calvinism, Ronald also challenges his readers not to be easily swayed by hollow dogma, especially one that lacks strong religious convictions, and not to confuse spurious pontifications with the true Word of God. “Many Christians today are trained by the church not to think for themselves – being discouraged from checking what their pastor, or other church leaders, believe and teach. No faithful member of the church would think that his pastor could possibly mislead him – so he keeps a tight religious lip – sometimes to his detriment,” Ronald says.

Ronald recognized God’s call to the ministry of the gospel at age 25 and entered college at age 26 to study for the ministry. He graduated in 1975, Summa Cum Laude, with a BA. Other students challenged him to consider the biblical message of Jesus’ miraculous ministry, saying the same ministry must continue today. He studied it, found it, believed it, and started preaching it, which got him in trouble with his church denomination. He decided to leave, and as a result, Ron and his wife attended Kenneth Hagin’s Rhema Bible Training Center for a year, before returning to Alabama, where they grew up. In July 2000 the couple started their own home church and at the same time God put it on Ron’s heart to start writing books about what he had revealed to them. Ronald now has 10 published books, 2 YouTube channels where he teaches Bible truth and his own home church ministry. He is now 76 years old and thinks his evangelistic ministry has only just begun.

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