Three in ten adults do not identify themselves religiously


Every Sunday people enter churches to hear the word, but according to a Pew Research study, the number of people affiliated with an organized religion is down ten percentage points from a decade ago.

“I think this is something we need to pay attention to, the church is important to the city, every city needs good churches,” said Brady Boyd, senior pastor of New Life Church.

Brady Boyd is the senior pastor of New Life Church, he says he has seen growth in his services but there is a problem with fewer people attending church overall.

“I think churches that look away from Jesus and the central mission of the church are going to be churches that strive for growth,” Boyd said.

Jan Archey does not attend Pastor Boyd’s services, but believes the church is good for everyone.

“You get encouragement, you feel compassion from others, it’s good fellowship, you learn the word and how to be better people in this world,” said Jan Archey.

She believes fewer people are going to church now because attendance opens the door to vulnerability.

“It’s a place where you expect everyone to be good and the church is just a hospital for sinners and we are not perfect,” Archey said.

Pastor Boyd has seen the most significant change in the past two years.

“More and more people are watching online and we’re starting to see a steady return of people coming back to the physical church,” Boyd said.

As he looks to the future, Pastor Boyd will make any changes necessary to keep spreading the word.

“The church is always going to prosper, the church is always going to be there, the church is always going to do a good job, and we believe in the future of the church,” Boyd said.

Three in ten adults do not identify religiously, according to this Pew Research study.


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