To be a conservative Christian means to persevere in defending our beliefs: Caroline Smith


SOUTH RUSSELL, Ohio — No Christian familiar with the Gospels is surprised by the hostility of the world. Jesus said if the world hates him, they will hate us too. So when pundits and politicians criticize us as bigoted, authoritarian and fearful of losing our influence, just for daring to have a voice in the public square, that doesn’t stop or frighten us. Or stop us.

In fact, attacks on our views are proof that we are having an impact and motivate us to continue our offensive in the culture war. Some secularists believe that our goal is control… that conservative Christians are going after left-controlled institutions in order to regain our once dominant footing. They see our claims of threats to religious freedom as stemming from a victim mentality and our objections to ever-increasing secularism as an effort to fight our way to the top.

Some argue that the dwindling ranks of Christians should be attributed to our conservative politics. If we simply aligned our views with secular ideology, they imply, we would draw those disgruntled “nones” [no religious affiliation] into the fold and the culture would no longer be hostile to us. Yes… and Christianity would no longer be Christian.

What many do not seem to understand is that every true Christian believes that God reigns supreme and that our responsibility lies with him, his will and his justice. Those who leave the faith because they don’t like the church’s biblical stance on moral issues like abortion and same-sex marriage were likely ChINO (Christians in name only), happy to wear a fish sticker but not wanting to swim against a cultural tide that rejects or ignores the commandments of God.

It is not victimization that fuels our passion and our efforts to curb the growth of secularism. We are convinced that if we want to survive as a free and prosperous nation, we must be a nation mainly populated by people who Direct and not just a signal virtuosity, governed by laws which reflect the character of God. As John Adams said, “We have no government armed with power capable of combating human passions unbridled by morality and religion…. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is quite inadequate for the government of any other.

“But it’s wrong to impose one’s morality on others,” some lay people will say (as they actively seek to enshrine their own). “Religious freedom means being free to live according to one’s own view of morality.” But the plurality of morals and religions and their contradictory beliefs demonstrate that they cannot all be true, and shouldn’t we do our best to base our laws and ways of life on what is most probable?

Christianity is a fact-based and historically proven religion, not a set of doctrines and rules born in the mind of a sage or a prophet. It teaches that the God revealed to the Jews took on human form in the person of Jesus of Nazareth who willingly died for the sins of the world and was resurrected to vindicate his claims and his mission. If God exists and Jesus is God, then Christianity is an objectively true worldview and anything inconsistent with it should be rejected and opposed.

‘Devout’ Catholic Joe Biden says he fights for ‘the soul of the nation’, demonizing ‘MAGA Republicans’ as bent on destroying our democracy. Join the club, mate. We conservative Christians, most of whom have never been to a Donald Trump rally and don’t own a red hat – yet, according to Biden and the left, we wear the invisible star MAGA nonetheless – have been in this battle for ages. decades as seductive secularism has steadily darkened our collective soul.

And here is what ultimately gives us the confidence to persevere, and we will: We may have lost a few battles, but our Commander-in-Chief will unequivocally win this war.

Caroline Smith is a wife, mother, grandmother and part-time accountant who blogs at

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